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How Much Does a Cabinet Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cabinets & Countertops > How Much Does a Cabinet Hardware Installation Job Cost?
How Much Does a Cabinet Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Cabinet hardware provides essential functionality to doors and drawers, and can help define the look of a single piece or an entire room. Installations range in complexity, from simply mounting pulls to precision measuring and drilling prior to fitting hardware. Your installer can evaluate your cabinets and hardware to determine the time and skill needed for the job.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Hardware

The difficulty of installing your cabinet hardware may depend on its type and whether cabinetry is prepared for mounting new fixtures. Costs average $137 for replacing hardware, since fitting elements of the same type is generally uncomplicated. If repairs or adjustments are needed to accommodate hardware of a different style, the added work will increase the cost of your project. Depending on the features of your cabinets, it may cost $184 for a new installation, since careful measuring and drilling is often required to properly align hardware and prevent damage to cabinetry.



Installing knobs on cabinet doors and drawer fronts may require measuring and drilling to ensure that knobs are fitted evenly and securely. If preparation is minimal the job may cost only $82, since your installer needs to simply screw in new knobs. If the removal of old hardware, repairs, or preparation are required, the job could cost up to $143.



Handles are generally simple to install, but are often mounted with multiple screws and take a bit more time to mount than single knobs. Like other styles of cabinet pulls, measuring and drilling to accommodate hardware can add to the demands of installation, and repairing cabinets to patch or fill holes left by old hardware may increase expenses. Mounting handles on cabinetry typically costs between $94 and $181, though the style of both hardware and cabinets may affect installation.



A number of hinge styles can be installed to support and operate cabinet doors, with some variation in preparation and installation requirements. While some replacement hinges can be installed in existing sites, repairs are often needed to restore cabinets from wear or damage. Similarly, new hinge installations may call for pre-drilling or mortising to accommodate the hardware. Depending on hinge styles and the nature of your installation, project costs may range from $126 to $208.



Cabinet latches keep doors from swinging open and can provide an important safety measure or an attractive decorative feature. Mechanical external latches are typically mounted with screws to the face of cabinet doors, while more utilitarian tension and magnetic catches are installed inside the cabinet frame. The cost of installation ranges from $87 and $163 and may be influenced by how easily your installer can access the installation site and whether any special preparation is needed.


Cabinet Hardware Installation Services

The features of your cabinet hardware and the condition of cabinetry are important factors in the cost of your installation. Consider also how the number of fixtures in your project and the removal of old hardware may affect the time needed for the job. Whether to add the final touch to new cabinetry or to replace worn and dated pulls or hinges, professional cabinet hardware installation can ensure a beautiful and functional finish.

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