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How Much Does Ceiling Patching Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Drywall > How Much Does Ceiling Patching Cost?
How Much Does Ceiling Patching Cost?

A damaged ceiling can be an eyesore and detract from the overall appearance of any room. Whether to repair damaged areas, conceal unused electrical sites, or to refinish an access hole, patching a ceiling can restore its surface in preparation for paint or other finishes. Factors such as the type and extent of damage as well as ceiling height and materials will contribute to the cost of the job.

Average Prices

Patching Multiple Holes

Depending on the cause of damage to your ceiling, you may have a single hole that needs patching, or several areas that need repair. Costs for patching a single site average $208, and while some holes may seem less significant than others, the job requires your contractor to set up tools and materials no matter how many holes he repairs. It typically costs $208 to repair two holes, $208 for three, $208 for four, $208 for five, and about $208 for patching more than five holes in a ceiling. Depending on the location of damage and the requirements of each repair, it may be cost effective to have your contractor repair all affected areas at one time.


Repairing Different Sized Areas of Damage

The size of the damaged area is important in determining the best method of repair. Fixing holes between one and four inches wide may not require any reinforcement, and can be completed for about $208. Depending on ceiling materials, patching holes that are 5”-9” across may require the installation of some structural material, such as wire mesh, wood lath, or furring strips to secure ceiling material, costing an average of $208. Holes 10” or larger almost certainly require supporting structure as well as replacement material, and cost an average of $208 to repair.


Making Repairs to a Sheetrock Ceiling

Sheetrock, or drywall, is a convenient material used to sheathe interior walls and ceilings. Most drywall repairs are uncomplicated, though the complexity of your project will vary with the location of the damage and the ease with which a patch can be secured. Repair techniques range from filling and taping to installing mounting strips and replacement pieces of sheetrock, with prices corresponding between $138 and $315.


Repairing Plaster Ceilings

Patching traditional plaster ceilings may call for a variety of techniques and materials, depending on the nature of damage and the construction of the ceiling. Your contractor may use screws and washers to secure loose material and install mesh or lath on which to apply new plaster. As with any ceiling repair, the size and condition of the damaged area will influence the cost of repairs, which ranges from $138 to $315. Restoring textures or decorative details incorporated in the plaster of your ceiling may increase the expense of the project, since special skills and additional time may be required.


Patching a Wood Ceiling

Wood ceilings can add warmth and character to a number of design themes, but can be challenging to patch effectively, depending on their finish. Small blemishes may be treated with wood filler, but restoring large areas may require your contractor to fit and finish a replacement piece, or remove and replace entire boards or panels that are affected by damage. The potential complexity of the project is reflected in repair rates from $138 to $315, with the type of wood, panels, and finish playing an important role in pricing the job.


Preparing for Ceiling Repairs

In addition to the extent and type of damage to your ceiling, a number of considerations help determine the cost of making patches and other repairs. Materials and finishes as well as the height and angle of your ceiling may call for special skills, tools, or equipment to complete the repair, issues your ceiling repair contractor can address as you work together to plan your project.

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