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How Much Does a Closet Hardware Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does a Closet Hardware Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Closet Hardware Installation Cost?

Hardware and fixtures can maximize the space in your closets to provide efficient storage. Whether your application calls for hardware to suit clothing, pantry items, or tools and supplies, your installer can securely fit hooks, rods, shelves and other fixtures without damaging closet surfaces. The overall scale of your installation will affect project costs, as will the style and material of your hardware. A designer or consultant can help you plan a storage system if necessary, and the type of fixtures you install will help determine if the project can be completed by a handyman or will require a finish carpenter or other specialist.

Average Prices

Number of Closets to Fit with Hardware

Like many small home improvement projects, it is often cost-effective to complete several similar installations at once, since transportation and setup costs are usually minimized. The size and characteristics of each closet in your project will affect the total cost of the job, but hardware installations in a single closet cost an average of to $97, compared to $133 for two closets, $167 for three, and $208 for four closets.


Installing Rods

Rods for hanging coats and clothes are a basic feature of most garment closets. The difficulty of fitting a rod is influenced by its length and the height of the installation site, as well as the type and amount of hardware that is needed to properly mount it. Fitting a closet rod typically costs between $47 and $82, and involves installing various brackets to secure the rod and support the weight of items it will hold.


Closet Shelving

Open shelving is a practical implement in virtually any closet, providing easy visibility and access for items such as linens, clothing, books, pantry goods, and tools. Shelves are typically fitted to track systems that allow for customization and adjustments or are mounted directly to walls to with brackets or cleats. The size, number, and type of shelves in your project are important factors in the cost of installation, which generally ranges from $118 to $237.



Hooks provide convenient access for small and frequently used items, from robes and aprons to ties, purses, and necklaces. Hooks may be installed directly to a wall or door with screws or a bracket, or first mounted on a plaque or plate. Installing hooks is generally uncomplicated and costs between $59 and $144. The style of your hooks may affect the cost of installation, since any preparation or assembly may add to the time needed for the job.


Installing Drawers and Bins

Drawers and bins offer convenient storage for clothing items, tools, and various supplies. The usage of your closet is an important factor in the cost of installation, since the skill and tools needed may vary widely. Installing drawers can range from setting pre-fabricated drawer units to building or assembling custom cabinetry, and costs an average of $109. Storage bins may stack on shelves, hang from brackets or slide like drawers, with installation methods that vary to suit the application. An installation of closet bins may cost about $482, depending on the level of assembly needed for the job.


Pre-Fabricated Closet Organizers

Organizational systems are very effective for optimizing closet space and simplifying access to items. Closet systems can be purchased as ready-to-assemble (RTA) sets, or customized to suit your needs and closet size. The design, materials, and features of your closet system will determine the requirements of installation, which costs between $173 and $582, nationally. The skills, time, and tools needed for your project may vary, since some RTA closet organizers can be installed rather simply, while high-end custom systems may have very precise requirements.


Planning for Closet Hardware Installation

The specific features of your closet hardware have a direct influence on the cost of installation, since requirements vary with styles and materials. Whether your hardware upgrade is for a small pantry or an expansive walk-in closet, hiring a professional for the job can help ensure proper installation of all types of cabinet hardware.

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