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How Much Does a Dining Room Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > How Much Does a Dining Room Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Dining Room Remodel Cost?

Updating or renovating your dining room can dramatically improve the appeal and usefulness of the space, providing a comfortable spot for family meals and social gatherings. A number of improvements can help redefine or improve a dining room, with the type of changes you make helping determine the overall scope and complexity of the job and the specific skills needed to complete it. Your contractor can evaluate your remodel plans to help you plan for the expense of the job.

Average Prices

Updating Dining Room Floors

Installing new flooring is a popular improvement for dining room remodeling projects, with a wide range of options presenting different preparation and installation requirements. Your project may require a specialized contractor, depending on the floor covering you select, and may involve removing existing materials in order to lay new flooring. The cost of the job may range from $847 to $1843 depending on the level of preparation required and the skills needed for the installation, with any needed repairs increasing the expense of the project.


Painting Your Dining Room

Applying a new coat of paint to your dining room can be a relatively simple way to make a dramatic change. The expense of your painting project may vary with the amount of preparation required, the size of the room, the inclusion of trim, and the desired finish. Nationally, it costs between $318 and $927 to paint a dining room, with rates increasing according to the complexity of the job.


Trim, Moulding, Cabinetry, and Shelving

Trim and cabinetry can make a significant impact on the design style and functionality of a dining room, and adding or changing these features can alter the character of the area. Moulding upgrades may range from adding crown moulding or installing wainscot to replacing all of the trim work in your dining room, and cost an average of $1641 in the U.S. A variety of cabinetry options can improve storage in the room, with open shelving offering a flexible and attractive option for many applications. Adding built-in shelves may cost $806, depending on the customization required and the materials and finishes selected.


Lighting Upgrades

Installing new light fixtures and upgrading lighting design can provide substantial improvement in the appeal and comfort of your dining room. Lighting upgrades may cost between $254 and $716, with the scale and difficulty of the project helping determine its expense. Replacing an existing light fixture is generally an uncomplicated project that can be completed by a handyman or other contractor, while adding new fixtures, moving switches, or making upgrades to wiring will require the skills of an electrician. The accessibility of your home’s wiring and electrical panel may impact the time needed for the job, with related repairs and improvements adding to the cost of the project.


Installing New Windows

If your dining room remodel includes installing new windows, the improvements in lighting, energy efficiency, and appearance can have a big impact on the overall design and comfort of the room. The difficulty of fitting new windows will be influenced by the condition and location of existing windows, as well as the size and style of the new units. Placing a window in a new location is significantly more complex than installing one in an existing opening, so be sure to discuss with your designer and contractor how the placement of windows will impact the cost of the job, which generally ranges from $439 to $2071.


Dining Room Size

In most remodeling projects, the overall size of a room is an important factor in determining the time, materials and manpower needed for the job. While your specific upgrades have a direct impact on the cost of a dining room remodel, the size of the space can be a good indicator of general expenses. Across the U.S., remodeling a dining room of 200-330 square feet costs an average of $1104, compared to $1452 for a 300-400 sq. ft. space, $1793 for 400-500 sq. ft., $2449 for 500-600 sq. ft., $3872 for 600-700 sq. ft., $4519 for 700-800 sq. ft., and $5832 for an 800-1000 sq. ft. dining room.


Planning Your Dining Room Remodel

Your dining room remodeling project can be an important upgrade for your home and family. Since it is often cost-effective and less disruptive to perform various improvements during renovations or construction, consider all the features you would like to incorporate in your dining room and discuss with your contractor if it is more practical to postpone any installations or to complete all upgrades as part of a single renovation project. He can help you determine how the features of your remodel and the size and condition of your dining room will contribute to the total cost of the job.

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