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How Much Does a Door Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Door Hardware Installation Job Cost?
How Much Does a Door Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Installing or upgrading door hardware is essential for its function and security. Common door hardware includes locks, pulls, hinges, doorknobs, and kick plates, and though installation procedures are generally consistent, the features of your door and hardware may affect the cost of installation.

Average Prices

New Installations and Replacements

Installing hardware on a new door is usually uncomplicated, though the type of hardware and level of preparation needed to fit it will help determine the difficulty of the job. Fitting any hardware on a fully prepared door will require less time and effort that removing a door to mount new hinges or drilling the door and jamb for a new deadbolt. New installations typically cost around $84, depending on the requirements of the project. Fitting replacement hardware can be simple if modifications to the door are not required, but making repairs or adjustments to install a different type of latch or hinge may complicate the project and require more time that a direct swap or new installation. Though the specific requirements of your project will determine its cost, prices average $102 for door hardware replacements.


Door Knobs

Doorknobs are perhaps the most commonly used latch hardware in the U.S., and can be installed for $64 to $114. The difficulty of your installation can be affected by the level of preparation and any repairs needed for the door and jamb. If a new door or jamb is not bored to accommodate the doorknob, latch, and plates, your contractor will need extra time to complete the installation properly. Likewise, repairing damage in order to support the new hardware may increase the cost of both labor and materials for the job.


Door Handles

Handle sets are an attractive option for entry doors, and have a few more installation concerns than traditional doorknobs and levers. Handle sets do not typically have integrated locks, so are often installed with a coordinating or built-in deadbolt for security, and are attached to a door at more points than other latch systems. The added steps to fit a deadbolt and mount the handle set contribute to installation rates that average $107, nationally.



Adequate hinges are essential to properly support and operate your door. Whether necessary for a new installation or part of an upgrade to match other hardware, installing or upgrading door hinges is generally uncomplicated and may cost as little as $78. While pre-hung doors are provided with hinges in place and some slab doors are bored for latches and mortised for hinges, some doors require careful preparation to fit hardware. If your installer must mortise a new door or jamb to accept hinges, or if extra manpower is needed to remove and handle a heavy or oversized door, the cost of the job could reach $142.



Deadbolt locks provide added security over standard locksets and are installed in much the same manner as door knobs and other latches. Since deadbolts are installed independently of a latch though, your door and jamb must be drilled and chiseled to accept the lock, bolt, and plates. Rates range from $67 to fit deadbolt in a prepared door to $121 for an installation that requires significant preparation to mount the hardware.


Your Door Hardware Installation

Properly installed door hardware can improve the appearance and function of any door, whether to latch an interior door or keep an entry door secure and weather tight. Your contractor can help you determine how the condition of your existing door and the features of your new hardware will contribute to the cost of installation.

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