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How Much Does Drape Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Drape Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Drape Cleaning Cost?

Periodically cleaning the draperies in your home removes dust and allergens and helps preserve fabric. Professional drapery cleaning services offer removal and reinstallation to clean your drapes off-site, while many will clean drapes in place or on-site with mobile cleaning equipment on a specially equipped truck. Whether for full, regular cleaning of all the draperies in your home, or spot removal on a single panel, professional cleaners can improve and maintain the beauty of your drapes quickly and efficiently.

Average Prices

Number of Drapes

Drapery cleaners commonly charge for cleaning based on the width or number of pleats in each panel, with a minimum fee for any service. The expense of the minimum fee may make it more cost-effective to have several drapes cleaned at a single service call. In the U.S., the average price for cleaning a single set of drapes is $68, compared to $84 for three and $108 for six.


Cleaning Silk Drapes

The delicate fabric in silk draperies may call for specialized supplies and cleaning techniques. Since your cleaner may charge a premium for handling silk, you should expect to pay between $78 and $116 for service. Be sure to ask your cleaner up front about working with silk, since improper handling can damage fabric and blemish your drapes.


Cleaning Cotton Drapes

Cotton is a durable material that is generally easy to maintain, but requires careful washing and pressing to avoid shrinkage and restore a crisp appearance and smooth drape. Cotton window treatments may require dry cleaning, and typically cost from $64 to $94 to service professionally.


Cleaning Polyester Drapes

Polyester is a durable, economical fabric which can provide a variety of looks, from casual to elegant. Cleaning polyester is generally uncomplicated, though dry cleaning may be required in some cases. Prices for cleaning services for polyester draperies generally range from $64 to $87.


Cleaning Linen Drapes

Like cotton, linen is a natural fiber that is subject to shrinkage and wrinkling with improper care. Dry cleaning is typically recommended for linen draperies to avoid damaging the fabric. Cleaning linen drapes may cost from $68 to $102.


Cleaning Drapes with Attached Hardware

Some draperies are fitted with hardware and accessories that may require special care during cleaning, or call for cleaning in place rather than removal and reinstallation. Cleaning rates for drapes with metal fasteners average $112, while servicing draperies with cords may cost $122 compared to $127 for drapes with other hardware or handles.


Cleaning Needs

The condition of your drapes and the level of dirt accumulation may affect cleaning prices. Standard services for cleaning dust and dirt cost an average of $114 in the US, while handling problematic stains may require special spot treatments and come at an extra charge. Cleaning drapes with mildew may cost $147 while prices for cleaning and treating other stains average $138.


Planning for Drape Cleaning Services

Prices for cleaning draperies may vary with their size, style, and fabric, and are affected by the need for special services. Be sure to tell your drape cleaning contractor as much as you can about the style, size, and fabric content of your drapes, as well as any special features or stains so your job can be accurately estimated.

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