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How Much Does Electrical Panel Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does Electrical Panel Repair Cost?
How Much Does Electrical Panel Repair Cost?

Panel repairs can provide significant improvements for the electrical service in your home. Whether to solve performance or safety problems, work on electrical panels should be completed by a licensed electrician who is equipped to repair an electrical panel properly and safely.

Average Prices

Electrical Panel Locations

Electrical panels are organized and installed in much the same way for single family homes, apartments, and businesses, though panels for larger facilities may be more complex than those found in most houses. Panel repairs cost an average of $202 in homes compared to $412 at commercial locations, depending on the circumstances of the project. Upgrading an sub panel in an apartment unit is comparable to the same job in a house, while servicing a main panel in an apartment building may be similar to making repairs at a business facility, costing about $362.


Repairing Problems with Wiring and Breakers

If your panel problems stem from faulty or inadequate breakers or wiring inside the panel, your electrician may be able to resolve performance issues with wiring repairs or the installation of new or replacement breakers. Depending on the nature of the repair, you may pay between $78 and $318 to resolve breaker and wiring problems


External Panel Repairs

Some updates and repairs to your electrical panel may not involve any changes to breakers, fuses, or wiring, such as replacing the panel’s door or labeling the existing breakers. Though such tasks may not call for special equipment or skills, some may be time consuming or require two people to complete. Nationally, prices range from $84 to $224 for these types of repair, since the time, skills, and manpower needed for the job can vary widely.


Repairs for Potential Hazards

Some problems with electrical panels, fuses, circuit breakers and wiring can create fire and electrocution hazards if not resolved promptly and correctly. If a burning smell or popping and crackling sounds are emitted from your panel, immediate service is needed to minimize the risk of damage and injury. These problems generally occur when overload, damage, or wear has affected wires, breakers, and fuses, with related repairs costing between $182 and $427.


Repairing Different Brands of Electrical Panels

Like any product, different brands of electrical panels have unique characteristics that may affect their serviceability and cost of repairs. Some panels manufactured in recent decades are no longer produced because of their poor quality, and in many cases electricians recommend a complete replacement of the panel to prevent safety issues. Popular brands used in current installations are generally uncomplicated for your electrician to service, though repair rates may vary. Average repair prices for various panel brands include $197 for Square D, $182 for GE, $213 for Murray, $206 for Eaton, $217 for Generac, and $194 for Siemens panels.


Find Electrical Panel Repair Services Near You

A number of factors help determine the scope and expense of panel repairs, from the nature of electrical problems the maker of your panel. Discuss your repair options and the condition and type of your electrical panel with your electrical panel repair service pro to determine the most effective repair approach for your application. During repairs, electrical service may be interrupted to some or all of your home, so be sure to consider special preparations or accommodations your family should make for outages during the project.

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