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How Much Does an Exterior Shutter Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does an Exterior Shutter Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Exterior Shutter Installation Cost?

Shutters can add a decorative and functional upgrade to the exterior of your home. Whether your shutters are intended to add curb appeal or to improve heating and cooling efficiency, a few common factors will influence the cost of installation. The characteristics of your shutters, along with the height and size of windows and the condition of window jambs and trim will help your contractor determine the requirements of the job.

Average Prices

Installing Shutters at Homes and Businesses

Installation procedures vary with shutter types as well as siding and trim materials, but are generally consistent between residential and commercial locations. Shutter installations at homes cost an average of $238 in the U.S., compared to $407 at apartments and $439 at business. Building height and accessibility are common variables in pricing projects at commercial and apartment buildings. The use of lift equipment for reaching high windows or special scheduling arrangements that accommodate residents, employees, and patrons may increase the cost of your project.


Shutter Material

Shutters are available in a number of materials that complement various siding, window, and trim types. The preparation and mounting requirements of your shutters may depend on their material, and could influence the cost of your project. Wood shutters require finishing to protect them from the elements, and cost about $314 to install. Metal and synthetic shutters are generally impervious to weather and pests and do not require special preparation for mounting. Installation rates average $202 for vinyl shutters and $211 for metal.


Incorporating a New Installation with Existing Shutters

If the shutters in your project are a partial installation, special measures may be necessary to have them match those already in place on your home. If your shutters are a standard size, style, and material, your contractor or home center can supply matching units without much difficulty, but it may require special orders or custom construction to match specialized shutters and finishes. Depending on the skill and time required to provide and prepare shutters to match those already on your house, your installation may cost between $86 and $283.


Shutter Function

While stationary shutters are an economical option for adding a decorative element to your home, functional shutters are popular for their practicality as well as for the added character they provide. Operable shutters can protect your home from the weather and improve energy efficiency and security, but are notably more challenging to install than decorative shutters. Mounting fixed shutters generally involves screwing them directly to siding or window trim and costs about $296. The added time needed to position functional shutters and install hinges and hardware contributes to costs that average $417.


Window Size

The size and weight of shutters are directly related to the size of the windows they adorn or service. Handling large, heavy units may require more manpower or equipment than small or lightweight shutters, and will affect the overall cost of installation. Fitting shutters may cost $63 for a 2’ x 2’ window and $68 for one 3’ x 3’, compared to $74 for a 3’ x 4’, and $86 for a 3’ x 5’. Installing shutters on a window as large as 4’ x 6’ costs about $102, and you may pay $173 to shutter a 6’ x 8’ window.


Supplying Materials

Popular shutter styles are available at home centers and specialty retailers around the country, making it convenient to shop for a material and design that suits your home. If you provide the supplies for your installation, labor for the job should cost about $216. Since markup for ordering and delivery combine with material and labor charges, rates average $438 for those who prefer to have their contractor supply shutters.


Planning for Exterior Shutter Installation

The requirements of your shutter installation will vary with their type and material, so discuss with your contractor how the characteristics of your shutters and home will influence the cost of the job. Consider that any related repairs to siding and trim will affect installation, and consider how the condition, size, and accessibility of your windows may affect the demands of the project.

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