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How Much Does a Family Room Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > How Much Does a Family Room Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Family Room Remodel Cost?

Whether intended for relaxing with family or entertaining guests, your family room is a significant and important part of your home. Remodeling the space can improve its comfort, function, and appearance, making a more enjoyable area for your family and visitors. The size and features of the room, along with the upgrades and finishes you select, will help determine the cost of your remodel. Discuss your goals and designs with your contractor to plan for the demands and expense of the project.

Average Prices


Changing the flooring in your family room can improve comfort and help define its style. Preparation methods vary between wood, carpet, laminates, and tile, so consider how the installation requirements of your flooring may impact the price of the job, which ranges from $803 to $1913. Removing old floor material or repairing subfloors may increase the time and labor needed for the job and increase overall expenses.



Paint colors and finishes can be a fundamental element of your family room’s new design. Painting may cost between $511 and $1227, with rates typically influenced by the size of the room and height of walls. Repairing walls or ceilings, incorporating special finishes or techniques, and using special equipment to access high walls and ceilings may increase the complexity and cost of the job.


Moulding and Trim

Changing the trim and moulding in your family room can help define a new design theme and add interest and character to the space. The style of your trim installation will determine the time, skill, and equipment needed for the job, which generally costs between $913 and $1836. Stock moulding profiles and painted finishes usually provide more economical options than custom-milled trim pieces or those of fine wood species and finishes.



Beneficial and comfortable lighting is an essential aspect of your family room. Your lighting design may incorporate a single light fixture or a custom scheme that suits various activities, such as reading, playing games, or enjoying a home theater. Lighting installations in your remodel may cost from $338 to $807, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Replacing existing fixtures is relatively simple, while wiring new boxes and switches or installing numerous fixtures requires more time and skill and comes at greater expense.



Adding or replacing windows in your family room can improve lighting, energy efficiency, and aesthetics in the space, making for a substantial change. Installing windows during your remodel could cost between $619 and $1433, depending on the size and style of the windows and the amount of preparation, repairs and finishing required for the task. Replacing existing windows with units of a similar size and style is generally straightforward, while the work involved in fitting a window in a new location can be substantial. Even when installed during interior renovations, making related repairs to the siding and trim on the exterior of your home may increase the cost of the project.



A fireplace can be a beautiful and practical focal point of your family room. Updating your existing fireplace with paint, tile, or a mantel can help complete your new look, while installing a gas insert or entirely new fireplace can make a substantial design statement and add a valuable and useful feature to the room. The scope of your fireplace project will help determine its expense, which ranges from $449 to $2014 and is influenced by the type of installation or upgrade, and the amount of work needed to accommodate changes.


Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving can provide useful and attractive display and storage space, whether for books, media, or art. Shelving may be custom-made and finished, purchased ready-to-assemble (RTA), or built and finished on-site. Consider how your choice of shelves may affect the difficulty of installation, since assembly and finishing requirements of custom units may call for the skills of a cabinet maker or finish carpenter, whereas RTA shelving can generally be assembled by a handyman or other contractor. The cost of installation will vary with the size, style, and quality of the furnishings, but generally costs between $539 and $1286.


Room Size

The overall size of your family room will help define the scope of your remodel, since the time, manpower, and equipment requirements of construction are affected by the square footage of a job site. The average price for remodeling a 200-300 square foot family room is $1226, with prices increasing according to size. A 300-400 sq. ft. remodel may cost $1384, compared to $1537 for 400-500 sq. ft., $1863 for 500-600 sq. ft., $2451 for 600-700 sq. ft., $3056 for 700-800 sq. ft., and $4419 for an 800-1000 sq. ft. family room renovation.


Planning a Family Room Remodel

Several aspects of construction and design will affect the expense of your family room remodel. Your family room remodeling contractor can help you evaluate how the condition of the room and your choice of upgrades and finishes will impact the time, skill, and resources needed for the job.

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