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How Much Does a Garden Bed Build Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does a Garden Bed Build Cost?
How Much Does a Garden Bed Build Cost?

Garden beds provide convenient planting areas and can serve as substantial design features of your landscape or as functional sites for growing vegetables and herbs. Whether for utilitarian or decorative use, a variety of construction materials and designs can make garden beds a useful and attractive addition to your property. A landscape or garden designer can help you select materials and plan beds that are appropriate for your usage, landscape, and maintenance needs, while a qualified contractor can assemble, prepare, and even plant beds customized for your yard.

Average Prices

Building Cedar Garden Beds

Wood is a common material used for planting beds. While a number of wood species are suited for garden installations, cedar is perhaps the most popular and economical, thanks to its natural resistance to rot and its availability throughout much of the country. Building rates for cedar garden beds range from $156 to $302, with the size and design of beds influencing the cost of construction.


Concrete Garden Beds

Concrete provides a durable material for garden beds that can be customized to virtually any configuration. The design flexibility of concrete makes it easy to integrate with your landscaping, though your choice of construction methods will influence installation options and costs. Building beds with concrete blocks requires some ground preparation, but is generally uncomplicated, while creating custom forms for poured concrete beds may require a great deal of skilled labor. Prices for concrete garden bed installations fall between $268 and $604, with construction methods having a significant influence on the cost of the job.


Galvanized Steel Garden Beds

Garden beds formed with metal are growing in popularity, with galvanized steel providing an economical and lasting surface with unexpected appeal. Steel garden beds may be purchased in standard shapes and sizes, or custom built to suit your needs and your property. You may pay from $218 to $523 to build galvanized garden beds, with their size and style affecting the expense of the job.


Building Composite Garden Beds

Wood composite is often used in outdoor applications to provide an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to natural wood. Prepared kits or standard boards can be used to construct a variety of shapes and sizes for your planting beds, with preparation and installation requirements much like wood. Depending on the scale and design of your gardens, you may pay between $182 and $417 for installing composite beds.


Sizing Your Garden Beds

Regardless of your gardens’ purpose, their size is an important factor in the cost of construction and installation. The dimensions of beds intended for shrubs or flowers may relate to their location or design, while beds planned for growing vegetables and herbs are often designed for easy access to maintain and harvest plants. Smaller garden beds from 3'x3' to 3'x5' are suitable for both ornamental and edible plantings, and may cost as little as $102 to construct, while larger beds from 4'x6’ to 6'x8' may cost up to $418. As size and design complexity of garden beds increase, installation rates increase accordingly.


Building Garden Beds

Garden beds can be a valuable and enjoyable addition to your yard, whether a few raised vegetable boxes or elaborate perennial gardens. The size and design of your beds, as well as materials used for construction will contribute to the cost of the project. Discuss with your garden bed builder whether pricing includes building only, or additional services such as soil preparation and initial plantings. Planning ahead for the usage and maintenance of your garden beds will help you and your contractor design and complete a project that enhances the outdoor living areas of your home.

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