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How Much Do Handyman Services Cost?

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How Much Do Handyman Services Cost?

Hiring a handyman service can be an economical way to complete a number of household projects that may require special skills but not call for a licensed electrician, plumber, or builder. Whether to make general repairs, install appliances, assemble furnishings, or perform maintenance tasks, a handyman can complete a number of projects in one visit, providing an economical solution for a variety of tasks.

Average Prices

Hiring a Handyman for Repairs

Many household repairs require skills and tools that homeowners do not have, but are not cost-effective for hiring a licensed contractor. A handyman generally has repair skills in a number of fields, though may not be licensed in a specific construction trade. Minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping, and appliance repairs are within the scope of a handyman, and can be completed for $63 to $422, depending on the time needed for the job.


Installations by a Handyman Service

A popular handyman’s service is the installation of appliances, electronics, and various fixtures. From fitting a new range hood or hanging a flat-panel TV to installing a light fixture, closet system, or screen door, your handyman is qualified to set up many kinds of household equipment. The accessibility of an installation site and preparation requirements may contribute to the length of the job and related service rates between $58 and $187.


Using a Handyman Service for Maintenance

A handyman can provide a number of home maintenance services that can save you a great deal of time and labor throughout the year. Seasonal yard clean-up, pool maintenance, painting, window screen changes, power washing, and countless other home care tasks can be conveniently handled by a handyman service. Projects are often combined for efficiency and ease of scheduling, costing between $94 to $314 for a wide variety of jobs.


Hiring a Handyman for Assembly

Building ready-to-assemble (RTA) products can be a challenging and tedious task that your handyman can often complete in much less time than it may take you, and for less expense than with a licensed contractor. From furniture and storage systems to grills, sheds, playgrounds, and gym equipment, rates for assembly services range from $72 to $217.


Time Needed for Handyman Projects

Handyman services are generally billed at an hourly rate, which may vary by location or for specialized services. Nationally, prices for up to two hours of a handyman’s time average $88, while it may cost $148 for a 2-4 hour job and $430 for an 8 hour day. Jobs that span several days cost an average of $617, depending on contractors’ billing policies. It is usually more economical to hire a handyman for a number of services at once rather than scheduling tasks one at a time, since consolidation can make minimum service or travel fees cost effective.


Common Handyman Jobs and Price Details

Job Average Price Price Range
Carpet Removal Cost $264 $150 to $500
Door Hardware Installation Cost $98 $70 to $200
Furniture Assembly Cost $123 $80 to $190
Screen Repair Cost $144 $83 to $250
Pressure Washing Prices $230 $150 to $430

Plan ahead for Handyman Services

With the wide range of services available from most handyman contractors, virtually any home improvement or maintenance task can be completed safely and professionally without the expense and difficulty of hiring and coordinating a number of contractors and service providers. Since most handyman services bill a flat hourly rate for all projects, it can be very economical to plan a number of tasks for your contractor. Even if you have a specific job in mind for your handyman, consider having him complete other unfinished tasks or maintenance projects to maximize his time at your home. Discuss potential projects and upgrades with your contractor to help take advantage of his skills and versatility to make improvements at your home.

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