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How Much Does Hardscape Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Hardscape Installation Cost?
How Much Does Hardscape Installation Cost?

Adding hardscape features to your yard or garden can enhance its function and appearance and improve accessibility. The current condition of your yard combines with the type and scale of new installations to help determine the cost of your project. Your contractor can help you determine how your choice of features and materials will influence the time and skill needed for the job.

Average Prices

Installing Hardscape at Homes and Businesses

Similar hardscape elements are often installed at residential and commercial locations, though the size and type of facility may influence the scale of the project. Patios, seating areas, walks, and garden structures are equally relevant at home and business properties, while fireplaces, entertaining areas, and swimming pools may be more common at homes than businesses. The overall nature of hardscape deigns as well as differences in accessibility and size may influence costs, which average $614 at single-family homes, $947 at apartments, and $1203 at business locations.


Popular Hardscape Features

Though design styles and materials may vary widely, a number of popular elements are common in hardscape installations. The size of your feature and its preparation requirements may influence the time needed for your project, and the materials you select will help determine the skill level and contractors required. Patios are often built with concrete, pavers, or stone and cost an average of $1008 to complete, while it may cost $718 to install a path and $639 for a sidewalk. Retaining walls can provide important structure for your landscape as well as an attractive focal point, and cost about $1874 to install, depending on the characteristics of the wall and the ground conditions at the project site. A number of features can add interest and function to gardens, with popular options such as a barbeque priced at about $804, arbors and gazebos at $639, and fountains for $833. Consider the condition and terrain of your yard when planning for hardscape elements, since proper ground work is key to a long-lasting structure. Whether as preparation for hardscape or as a standalone project, installing landscape drainage can be an substantial project that costs an average of $1193, nationally.


Common Hardscape Materials

A variety of attractive and durable materials are readily available for your hardscape projects, with each requiring specific preparations and specialized skills for installation. Though the scale and design of your hardscape installation are essential in determining the demands of the job, the materials you select can help your contractor plan the labor, equipment, and time requirements of your project. Masonry work with brick carries average costs of $1104 for hardscape elements across the country, while it may cost $1258 for stone projects. Installing concrete features may call for an additional contractor to build forms and pour concrete, and costs about $988. A carpenter or building contractor may be needed to build wooden structures, which cost an average of $714.


New Installations and Hardscape Changes

Establishing your hardscape on a new site may require substantial earthwork, but may be more economical than removing existing elements to prepare for a new installation. Your contractor can fully evaluate your site to determine how its present condition will affect project costs, though new installations generally average $1209 in the U.S., compared to $1587 for replacing current landscape features.


Installation Size

The style and materials of your hardscape project are important factors in the scope of the installation, but the overall size of your design area can help determine the cost of the job. The size of your site can affect accessibility for equipment and determine the amount of fill material needed for prep work, as well as influence the scale of hardscape elements to create an effective design. Average prices for hardscape projects reach $617 for small yards of less than 500 square feet, $907 for a yard 500-1000 sq. ft., $1271 for 1000-2000 sq. ft., $1488 for 2000-3000 sq. ft., $1863 for 3000-4000 sq. ft., and $2254 for yards 4000-5000 sq. ft.


Hardscape Installation Service

Installing or improving the hardscape at your property can increase its value and provide a number of benefits to your family. Discuss with your hardscape installation contractor how the characteristics of your yard will affect the implementation of your hardscape design, and how the features and materials you select will influence pricing.

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