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How Much Does a Heat Cable Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > How Much Does a Heat Cable Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Heat Cable Installation Cost?

Heating cable can prevent freezing and related problems in a number of settings, from domestic water lines to sidewalks and floors. Perhaps the most popular application for heating cable is on roofs, to prevent water damage from ice dams. Installing heat cable can be a dangerous task and requires knowledge of wiring. An experience professional can install cabling efficiently and safely, without damage to your roofing or gutters. The characteristics of your roof have a significant impact on the difficulty and cost of the project.

Average Prices


Roof heating cable is commonly installed on both residential and commercial buildings, though variations in the size, height, and features of the installation site can vary widely between single family homes , apartment buildings, and business properties. Installing cable on detached houses costs an average of $602, since contractors can usually access roofs from ladders. Installation may cost $944 on an apartment building and $1126 on commercial sites, since buildings are often larger and taller, requiring more manpower and the use of staging and lifts to safely access the installation site.


Roof Accessibility

Heating cable is installed easiest from your roof’s surface, so the equipment and effort involved in reaching and navigating your roof could affect the price of your project. When contractors can safely walk on the surface of a roof, the job costs about $717. If a steep pitch or delicate roofing materials prohibit walking on your roof, the conditions may call for the use of staging, roof brackets, or special safety equipment and could cost $962.


Size of Installation

The overall length of your roof is an important factor in pricing your heat cable installation, since its size helps determine the materials, time, and manpower needed for the job. Fitting heating cable on a small span up to 10 feet costs $452 on average, compared to $537 for 10’ to 20’, $661 for 20’ to 30’, and $792 for 30’to 40’. Larger installations 40 to 50 feet long may cost about $904.


Supplying Materials

Though roof heating cable is available from home centers and other retailers, it may simplify the job to have your contractor measure for and supply materials. Installation alone costs about $283, while including the cost of materials could bring total expenses to $502. Your installer may charge markup on the supply of materials, but will provide the products that are best suited for your application and with little risk of falling short or having wasteful overages.


Your Heating Cable Installation

Professional installation of your roof heating cable can help ensure safe and efficient completion of an important maintenance task. The size and features of your roof may be the most significant variables in the cost of your project, so as you budget for the job, consider how easily your contractor can access your roof. The added time, difficulty, and risk involved in working on large, high, or steep roofs-- or in transporting and setting up staging and lifts-- can increase the overall cost of the job.

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