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How Much Does Holiday Lighting Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does Holiday Lighting Installation Cost?
How Much Does Holiday Lighting Installation Cost?

Professional holiday lighting can add a dramatic and beautiful touch to your seasonal decorations. Hiring an experienced holiday light installer can save you the time, difficulty, and risk involved in setting up a holiday lighting display, and can minimize damage to your home caused by affixing lights. Several factors may contribute to the cost of your installation, so consider the overall scale of the project and style of your lighting design as you plan and budget for the job.

Average Prices

Home and Business Installations

Holiday lighting displays are popular for homes as well as businesses, with most installers offering services for virtually any type of structure. Building size, architectural styles, and landscape features often vary between homes, commercial buildings and apartment facilities, differences which may call for additional time or equipment for installation. Though usually smaller, the complexity and style of lighting designs on a home may be distinctly different than on a commercial building and cost an average of $252 to install, compared to $297 for apartments and $318 for business locations.


Options for Lighting Placement

Whether understated or over the top, your holiday lighting plan may include several areas of your property. Installing lights on the roofline of your house will require your installer to use a ladder or lift, and typically costs around $222. Placing lights along fencing does not generally require any special equipment and may cost $227, while rates for arranging lights throughout a yard average $233. Hanging lights over your entire house may be a lengthy process and could cost $230. Your installer will evaluate your lighting plan and price the installation according to the various arrangements you select.


Building Height

The height of your home or building may play an important part in pricing your holiday light installation. Ladders are adequate to install lights on most homes, with installations costing about $201 for single a story and $250 for two story houses. Staging or lift equipment may be used for complex installations or to reach higher levels, adding time and difficulty to the job. Project prices average $253 for three story buildings, $382 for four stories, and $436 for buildings higher than four floors.


Installing Holiday Lights on Trees

Lighted trees can be a substantial part of your holiday decorations, with the number and location of trees influencing the cost of the job. Adding lights to a single tree may cost as little as $217, with rates increasing with the scale of the project. Installation rates average $234 for two trees, $240 for three, $256 for four, $237 for five, and $387 for more than five trees.   Much like placing lights on buildings, the height of trees helps determine the equipment needed to safely access the tree for light installation. Trees between five and ten feet tall can typically be reached with a stepladder, with installation rates around $232. Since extension ladders may not be practical to access some taller trees, lift equipment may be required to install lights in some applications. The time and difficulty involved in using large equipment will influence installation prices, which average $229 for 10-15' tall trees, $244 for 15-20', $217 for 20-25', and $259 for trees over 25' tall.


Removing Holiday Lights

Most holiday lighting contractors offer removal of lights they have installed after the end of the holiday season. Your contractor may pre-schedule removal, await your call for an appointment, or may remove your lights as part of a rotation without scheduling. Contractors often offer the service as part of an installation package, but may also remove lights installed by homeowners. Depending on the nature of your installation and options provided by your installer, removal may cost between $146 and $367. Be sure to discuss with your contractor if removal is included with your installation rates or is a separate charge, and if professional take-down service is required to maintain the warranty or maintenance agreement on lights that were rented or purchased from the installer.


Preparing for Your Holiday Lighting Installation

A professional installer can turn your lighting ideas into holiday magic without your ever having to climb a ladder or load a stapler. Discuss your design and the features of your home and yard with your contractor to plan a safe, efficient, and attractive lighting installation.

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