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How Much Does a Hot Water Dispenser Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Hot Water Dispenser Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Hot Water Dispenser Installation Cost?

Built in hot water dispensers heat water on demand for convenient use in kitchens and wet bars, and provide a quick and energy efficient alternative to waiting for hot tap water or heating water on a range. The cost of your installation may depend on the skill and equipment needed to ready the site for your dispenser.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Installations

Fitting a replacement hot water dispenser in a prepared location is generally straightforward and costs about $152. A handyman may be able to complete a replacement installation, though making upgrades or repairs to existing water lines or counters may call for a skilled contractor and increase the cost of the project. Installing an integrated dispenser in a new location involves making a connection to water lines, adding an electrical outlet if necessary, installing a mounting bracket, and drilling a hole in a counter or sink surface to fit the dispenser’s spout. The job costs $244 on average, though the accessibility of wiring, supply lines, and countertop materials will affect overall expenses.


Countertop Materials

Since faucets for built-in hot water dispensers are mounted atop a sink or counter while heating units are hidden below, your installer must prepare the site by drill through the surface to connect the components. Softer materials are relatively easy to drill with common tools, with installation rates averaging $172 for laminate counters and $196 for wood. Special skills or equipment may be needed to drill through stone and tile, bringing average installation costs to $214 for granite, $227 for quartz, and $221 for tile countertop installations.


Supplying Materials for Installation

You can purchase a hot water dispenser from a home center or retailer and hire a pro for installation, which costs about $92 without materials. If you prefer to have your contractor supply the dispenser as well as installation services, the entire project may cost $342. Though your contractor may charge a markup on materials, the added convenience is often worth the expense, since the risk of ordering errors is reduced.


Hot Water Dispenser Installation Service

Hot water dispenser installation is generally uncomplicated, though like any integrated appliance, the difficulty of the job will depend on the amount of preparation required. Discuss with your retailer or installer how the features of your dispenser and the condition of the installation site will affect the cost of your project.

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