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How Much Does Junk/Debris Removal Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Junk/Debris Removal Cost?
How Much Does Junk/Debris Removal Cost?

Construction, moving, household, and landscaping projects can improve your home in a number of ways, but often end with an unmanageable pile of junk left behind. Whether you have a single appliance, a pile of yard waste, or a garage full of clutter, hiring a contractor to handle debris removal can be a cost-effective and time-saving solution. The features of your site and the amount and type of junk collected will contribute to the cost of removal services.

Average Prices

Removing Debris from Various Sites

Most junk removal contractors will service both residential and commercial locations, though differences in their sites and the type and volume of debris may affect the difficulty or time requirements of the job. Removing junk, waste, or debris from a house costs an average of $207 in the U.S., compared to $221 for apartment facilities. Removal services at a business may cost $411, depending on the nature of the business and any special handling required to dispose of related materials.


Location of Debris to be Collected

Junk removal contractors typically offer both indoor and outdoor pickup services, though the location of your material may influence the difficulty and expense of the job. Collection at curbside or from your yard is generally uncomplicated and costs an average of $189, nationally. Removing junk from inside a building may require more handling, manpower, or equipment and carries average rates of $213 for ground-level sites, $249 for second floor locations, and $302 for working on the third floor. Generally, the less handling and moving your job requires, the simpler and more economical the project should be.


Handling Different Types of Junk

The size, type, and volume of debris or waste removed from your home are important factors in gauging the demands of the job. Your contractor may plan a crew and equipment based on the type of junk you have ready for removal. Handling large items may call for more manpower than other types of material, with removal rates averaging $107 for a major appliance, $82 for a large furniture piece, and $128 for a spa. Though less substantial, removing accumulated debris may require extensive handling, with the collection of construction materials costing about $237, compared to $114 for yard waste and $187 for concrete. Removing small items typically does not require large crews or special tools, but the volume of material may influence the time needed for the job. It may cost $162 to load and remove household junk and $109 to handle electronics or small appliances.


Accessibility for Trucks

An important factor in the complexity of your junk removal project is the accessibility of your site. Most contractors use large trucks to collect and remove materials efficiently, so maneuvering a truck close to the location of your material can simplify the project. If your pickup site is truck accessible, your clean-up job may cost $202, whereas the added effort needed to move materials to a truck off-site may increase costs to $318.


Planning for Junk and Debris Removal

Professional junk removal can simplify a wide range of clean-up jobs by sparing you from a laborious and messy task, as well as from handling the disposal logistics of hard to handle items or large volumes of waste. Your contractor can evaluate your project to determine how the characteristics of the location and the material will influence the price of the job.

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