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How Much Does a Laundry Room Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > How Much Does a Laundry Room Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Laundry Room Remodel Cost?

Though your laundry room is often overlooked as a simple utilitarian area, remodeling this practical space can improve its appearance and efficiency. The type of upgrades your select, combined with the size and features of your laundry room, will help your contractor determine the demands and costs of the job.

Average Prices

Flooring for Your Laundry Room

A durable and attractive floor covering for your laundry room can simplify clean-up and add to the room’s appeal. Tile is a popular choice for this work area, though vinyl, laminates, and wood are also practical choices. Replacing the floor in your laundry area may cost between $314 and $1227, with materials and preparation impacting the job’s demands. Removing existing flooring, installing a new sub-floor, or making structural repairs may add to the cost of the project, so discuss with your contractor how the requirements of different flooring options may affect your budget.


Painting a Laundry Room

Painting any room is a time and cost-effective way to improve its overall appearance. The size and features of your laundry room may contribute to the cost of painting, which generally ranges from $207 to $644. Though laundry rooms are often small, extensive preparation or the inclusion of trim and cabinetry may increase painting costs.


Lighting Upgrades

Improving the lighting in your laundry room can be beneficial for a number of tasks, and adding an attractive light fixture can help define the room as more than a simple work site. Replacing an existing fixture is generally uncomplicated, while adding or moving fixtures, switches, and wiring can make for a more demanding job that calls for the expertise of a licensed electrician. Upgrading the lighting in your laundry room may cost between $84 and $226, depending on the scope of the job and your choice of fixtures and controls.


Installing Appliances

The backbone of your laundry room is surely the appliance set used for day-to-day washing and drying. When remodeling your laundry area, consider installing or replacing your appliances in the course of the project, when entry to the room is uncomplicated and gas, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation lines are easily accessed. Installing appliances during your renovation may cost from $1238 to $3826. The size and type of your appliances and any repairs or upgrades needed to prepare the site may contribute to the cost of the project.


Installing Windows

Often seen as a luxury, a laundry room window can improve the lighting and atmosphere of the space, improving your productivity and comfort while working. Replacing an existing window is typically straightforward, but adding a window in a new location can be a complicated task with a number of related concerns and repairs. Your window installation may cost between $339 and $811, depending on the size and style of window and the level of preparation and finishing required.


Built-In Shelving

Organized storage solutions in your laundry room can simplify daily chores and provide easy access to storage items, linens, and other home goods. Built-in shelving can be customized to suit your needs and space, and is installed in laundry rooms for $149 and $651. The size, features, and finish of your shelving will contribute to the cost of the project, since more time may be needed to complete complex assembly, customization, or painting tasks.


Laundry Room Size

Though the upgrades and changes you select for your laundry room remodel will directly impact the cost of the project, the overall size of the room can help you plan for the scale and expense of the job. Renovating a small laundry room of 200-300 square feet costs an average of $587 nationally, while it may cost $841 to update a room 300-400 sq. ft., $1322 for one 400-500 sq. ft., and $2894 for a 500-600 sq. ft. laundry room.


Age of Your Home

While your laundry room is often an under-appreciated area of your house, it is one of the most complex. Laundry facilities require water, electricity, ventilation, and often gas, tying the room into most of your home’s systems. The ease with which your contractors can access these systems for connections and upgrades influences the difficulty of your remodel, and often the age of your home can be an indicator of their accessibility and condition. Considering access issues and related repairs, remodeling a laundry room in a home less than 20 years old is often simpler than in older buildings. Your contractor can evaluate the condition of your laundry room and determine the extent of improvements that will be needed to bring it up-to-date.


Planning a Laundry Room Remodel

A number of factors can play a part in the cost of remodeling a laundry room, and several key upgrades can help transform the space from a mundane work zone to a pleasant and inviting area. Consider your priorities for the project and discuss with your contractor how your choice of finishes, fixtures, and improvements will contribute to the cost of your project.

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