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How Much Does LED Interior Light Conversion Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does LED Interior Light Conversion Cost?
How Much Does LED Interior Light Conversion Cost?

Converting interior light fixtures to efficient, long-lasting LEDs can reduce energy costs and simplify maintenance tasks. While most conversions involve simply changing standard bulbs or lamps to LED units, wiring changes may be needed for some light fixtures to accommodate the newer lamps. Check with your installer or electrician to see if your current fixtures are suited for conversion, and to determine how the characteristics of your home may affect the price of the project.

Average Prices

Converting Lights at Homes and Businesses

Installation procedures for LED conversions are generally consistent, but differences in the size, features, and fixture of homes and businesses may affect the scope and cost of conversion. Since most single family homes and apartments have standard fixtures and ceiling heights, service rates average $274 and $172, respectively. Depending on the nature of a business and its facility, it may cost $673 to convert to LEDs.


Light Fixture Types

The type of light fixtures involved in your conversion may affect the difficulty of the project, since removing globes and lenses, adjusting fixtures or fitting conversion kits may add time to the project. Nationally, service rates average $221 to convert flush mount fixtures, $294 for recessed cans, $148 for fitting pendants, and $189 to install LEDs in track lighting.


Number of Lights to Convert

The scale of your LED conversion project plays an important part in pricing the job, since the more fixtures your contractor must service, the longer he will be on site. It is generally cost effective to install multiple lamps at once, since a minimum charge for each visit may make converting your lights in stages more expensive. Typically, it costs about $133 to covert between one and five lights, $226 for five to 10, and $347 for fitting 10-15 fixtures.


Ceiling Height

The height of the ceilings in your home may affect the difficulty of converting light fixtures to LED, since extra equipment and manpower may be required to access lights on high or angled surfaces. Installations on standard 8’ ceilings may only call for a small stepladder and cost an average of $253. Your contractor may need taller ladders or staging to access higher ceilings, with conversion costing about $261 on 10’ ceilings, $304 for 12’, $382 for 14’, and $437 for 16’ ceilings.


Providing Materials for LED Light Conversions

If you prefer to provide the materials for your LED conversion, your contractor will only charge you for the time needed to install bulbs or conversion kits, an average of $128. If your installer provides the needed materials, the job may cost around $284, though the number and type of lamps and kits used will influence overall costs.


Planning for LED Interior Light Conversion

Converting interior lighting to operate with efficient LEDs is generally an uncomplicated project that can be completed by a handyman or other technician. Knowing the type and age of your light fixtures can help your contractor prepare for your conversion project so he can select appropriate lamps and plan for any wiring upgrades that may be in order. As you plan and budget for your LED conversion, consider the characteristics of your home and your light fixtures may affect the complexity of the job.

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