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How Much Does Light Bulb Replacement Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does Light Bulb Replacement Cost?
How Much Does Light Bulb Replacement Cost?

Hiring a professional to replace light bulbs in your home can spare you a tedious and potentially dangerous task. Whether you lack the equipment or the time to access and change bulbs, a handyman, house cleaner, or maintenance contractor can complete the job quickly and safely. The overall scale of your project, along with the features of your home and light fixtures will contribute to the cost of the service.

Average Prices

Number of Bulbs to Replace

Your contractor may charge for light bulb changes by the hour or per bulb. Since you may pay a minimum fee for each service call, it is often cost effective to have multiple light fixtures serviced at once. Nationally, service rates average $48 for changing 1-5 light bulbs, compared to $62 for 5-10, $87 for 10-15, and $114 for 15-20 bulbs.


Fixture Types

The characteristics of the light fixtures in your home may influence the expense of bulb changes, since some styles are more accessible than others. Wall fixtures can often be reached without ladders and typically hold just one or two bulbs, while servicing fixtures with globes or accessing large chandeliers may require more time, equipment and care. It generally costs about $92 to change light bulbs in standard ceiling fixtures, versus $84 for wall units and $107 for chandeliers.


Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is an important factor in the expense of light bulb changes. If your contractor cannot reach ceilings fixtures with a standard stepladder, your charges may reflect the added difficulty of using extension poles or transporting and setting up extension ladders or staging. Changing bulbs in fixtures on an 8’ ceiling may cost about $91, while it could cost about $108 for working on 10’ ceilings, $127 for 12’, $133 for 14’, and $164 to replace bulbs on a ceiling 16’ high.


Supplying Materials

A number of lighting options exist for standard fixtures, and if you choose to select and purchase your own bulbs, it may cost $102 for replacement. You may prefer to have your contractor supply light bulbs or lamps as a convenience or to ensure they are appropriate for your fixtures. Supplier markup or the use of specialized brands may increase the cost of your materials, but the added expense is typically worth the assurance that high quality and correct bulbs are used. The price for light bulb changes complete with materials averages $167 in the U.S.


Planning Your Light Bulb Installation

As you plan and budget for your light bulb replacement service, consider how the type and accessibility of your fixtures may influence the cost of the project and choose a provider whose skills and services are in keeping with the demands of the job. Hiring the right pro helps ensure your charges will be appropriate for the task and that suitable equipment is available for the job to be completed efficiently and safely.

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