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How Much Does a Mailbox Post Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does a Mailbox Post Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Mailbox Post Installation Cost?

Correct installation of a post is important for mounting a secure and accessible mail box. Postal Service standards address several aspects of post installations which can affect the stability and function of your mailbox as well as the delivery of your mail. Your contractor can help you select a post that is appropriate for your application, and install it correctly for stability and durability.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Post Installation

Installing a new mail box post involves preparing the site with digging or drilling and securing the post as needed with concrete, backfill, or fasteners. Project rates average $129, depending on installation methods and site conditions. Replacing an old post with a new one may require less site preparation, though the removal of an existing post and its foundation may affect the difficulty of the installation, which costs about $129, nationally.


Mail Box Post Materials

Installation methods may vary with the material of your mailbox post, though many options consist of a basic wood or metal post concealed by a decorative cover. Installing a wood post generally involves digging and securing the post with concrete and gravel, and costs about $129. Metal posts may require the same installation technique, though some stake-type posts can be driven into the ground without special preparation or foundations required, and have installation rates that average $129. Fiberglass and resin mailbox posts are often integrated with a metal or wood post and typically cost $129 and $129 to install, respectively.


Mail Box Post Installation Methods

Depending on your location and property characteristics, your mailbox post may be surface mounted, or secured below ground level. Typical in-ground installations require digging and fill material, costing an average of $129 nationally. If local regulations forbid disrupting sidewalks or if your post is to be installed on a deck or walkway, surface-mounting is required and may cost $129 when attaching a post to a wooden surface or $129 for installation on concrete.


Mail Box Post Supplier

Your retailer or contractor may offer installation services along with the purchase of a mail box post assembly, providing for an efficient installation since the installer is likely to be familiar with the materials and techniques required for the job. If your contractor provides the materials for your project, you can expect to pay $129 for the installation. Rates may be affected if you provide your own post, depending on the quality and type of materials required, and usually cost about $129.


Planning Your Mail Box Post Installation

Installing a mailbox post is generally a straightforward project for an experienced contractor. Consider your location and mailbox style when selecting a post and be sure to discuss the characteristics of the installation site with your contractor to help plan and budget for your project.

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