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How Much Does a Mailbox Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does a Mailbox Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Mailbox Installation Cost?

Whether installing your mailbox is a minor maintenance task or a substantial upgrade, proper mounting helps ensure its functionality and durability. Postal service standards define the correct height and location of mailboxes, and professional installation provides for safe and comfortable access. The type of mailbox you select and the conditions of the installation site may affect the cost of your project.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Mailboxes

The difficulty of your mailbox installation may depend on how much preparation or repair is needed to properly mount the box to a wall or post. New installations are generally straightforward and cost an average of $144, though the time needed to set up a post or column may increase the cost of the job. The cost of a fitting a replacement mailbox may depend on whether an existing site can be used, but averages $129.


Wall Mounted Mailboxes

Installing a wall mounted mailbox generally involves screwing the box directly to an exterior wall or porch column, or fitting a mounting bracket to support the box. The condition of the installation site may affect the cost of the project, which typically falls between $87 and $133. Your installer can determine whether any repairs or improvements are needed to prepare a site for a wall-mounted box.


Post Mounted Mailboxes

Post-mounted mailboxes offer convenience for curbside mail delivery, and should be installed securely to prevent damage from vehicles and weather. The cost of your installation may vary with the level of work needed to mount a box; if a post is in place and in good condition, attaching a box may cost about $98. If your installer must set a new post for your project, it could cost as much as $162. Installing multiple boxes at a single station may involve setting several posts and building or assembling a support structure. The added requirements of a multi-mount mailbox installation can carry costs from $117 to $241.


Column Mounted Mailboxes

Column-mount mailboxes are generally installed within a stone or masonry column that adds a significant element to the exterior of a home. The expense of installing a column mounted mailbox depends mostly on the level of preparation required for the job, since cutting an existing column or building a new feature may require special skills and equipment. Prices range from $182 to $283, since fitting a box into a prepared site is relatively simple, while installing or modifying a column to suit the box can be a substantial project.


Cluster Mailboxes

Cluster mailboxes provide a compact delivery site for an entire building or community. The size and mounting method for your box will help determine the manpower and equipment needed for installation. Since cluster mailboxes can range from small post or wall mounted units to large freestanding or integrated structures, the scope of the project can vary widely and may cost from $161 to $227.


Supplying Materials for Your Project

Many popular mailbox styles are available from retailers, while some can be customized or special ordered from manufacturers. Though several aspects of your project may affect the cost of installation, prices average $108 when materials have been purchased by the property owner. If you prefer to have your installer provide the mailbox and other materials needed for installation, the job may cost $204.


Planning for a Mailbox Installation

A number of factors may contribute to the cost of your mailbox installation. Be sure to consider the condition of the mounting site for your mailbox and whether special preparation or construction will be needed for proper set up. A professionally installed mailbox can provide for many years of secure and convenient delivery.

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