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How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost?
How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost?

A number of installation options for a microwave oven provide convenient access to the appliance without it taking up valuable counter space. Your installation may require changes to wiring, cabinetry, or walls, so the level of preparation required can help you determine if an installer or handyman can manage the job, or if the services of an electrician or carpenter are needed.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Microwave Installations

Installing a microwave in a new location is likely to involve some modifications to your kitchen. Whether building a custom shelf, altering an existing cabinet, or wiring an outlet to power the appliance, changes will increase the overall cost of the project, which averages $187. If your kitchen already features a built-in microwave, replacing it with a new one is generally a simple process, though making upgrades to fit a unit of a different size may add difficulty to the job. Installing a replacement microwave may cost $126, depending on what preparation is required.


Installing a Microwave Over a Range

The space over your range can provide a convenient location for a microwave that may not require any alterations to cabinetry or wiring if the site is already prepared for a range hood. Some over-the-range microwave models incorporate a ventilation hood for your cooktop, giving dual functionality to the appliance. An over-the-range installation may cost between $114 and $192, with the complexity of the job influenced by upgrades needed to mount the microwave to a wall and adjacent cabinets, as well as any ventilation connections or changes.


Installing a Microwave in a Cabinet

A variety of cabinets are designed to accommodate a microwave, though existing cabinets can often be modified to fit one as well. Your installation may cost from $78 to $174, depending on the readiness of the cabinet and wiring, and the availability of trim kits that coordinate with your existing cabinetry. If your kitchen is in the design stages, it may be cost-effective to incorporate a microwave cabinet, while retrofitting one in your current kitchen can provide an attractive alternative to replacing an entire cabinet to suit your microwave.


Installing a Microwave on a Shelf

Placing your microwave on a shelf is a simple alternative to installing custom cabinetry, since shelving can typically be finished to coordinate with your existing kitchen. Project rates range from $64 to $138, since the complexity of the job may vary from simply placing the appliance on an existing shelf and connecting its power to installing and finishing a shelf or installing necessary wiring.


Installing a Microwave in a Wall

Recessing your microwave in a wall both saves space and gives a sleek look to the installation. Creating an opening may require significant demolition, and adding the needed support and finishes can make for a substantial project. The location and condition of the installation site will contribute to overall costs, which typically fall between $116 and $327.


Planning for a Microwave Installation

Integrating a microwave in your kitchen can be accomplished in several ways, each with specific preparation concerns. If you do not already have a site prepared, discuss different methods with your handyman or contractor to determine the most appropriate solution for your needs and kitchen design.

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