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How Much Does Mirror Hanging Cost?

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How Much Does Mirror Hanging Cost?

Mirrors can offer both decorative and functional benefits for your home, whether in a practical vanity application or as an element or accent for a room’s design. Hanging mirrors can be a difficult and delicate task, but an experienced professional can provide a safe and attractive installation. The features of your mirror and the installation site commonly influence the price of the job.

Average Prices

Mirror Size

The style of your mirror and frame may influence the installation method used, but its overall size will help your installer determine the manpower and equipment needed for the job. Small mirrors can typically be handled by a single person with standard tools and equipment, with installation rates that average $72 for a 24” x 36” mirror and $87 for one 24” x 48”. Larger mirrors may be heavy or unwieldy, requiring extra care in handling. Installing a 36” x 48” mirror may cost $92, while prices average $147 for hanging a 36” x 60” mirror, $193 for one 48” x 60”, and $221 for a 48” x 72” mirror. Be sure to discuss with your installer how the size of your mirror and its location in your home may affect the cost of the job. Carrying a large mirror up several flights of stairs or mounting it very high on a wall may call for extra manpower or lift equipment that may increase project expenses.


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Wall Surfaces

Mirrors are hung on standard wall surfaces with common hardware and anchors that do not require special tools for installation. Mounting a mirror on sheetrock or drywall typically costs about $114, and $127 for hanging one on a wood wall. Your contractor may use special drills or bits to installing anchors in other wall surfaces, and though the process is similar, it may cost $138 to hang a mirror on a concrete wall, $142 for a brick wall, and $136 for a metal wall.


Your Mirror Installation

A number of factors may influence the cost of hanging a mirror at your home, so be sure to discuss the characteristics of both the mirror and the installation site with your mirror installer. Handling large, custom, or specialty mirrors may call for extra manpower, skills, or equipment, just as maneuvering any mirror to a remote or high spot in your home can add difficulty to the job. Planning for the requirements and challenges of the job can help you plan and budget for hanging a mirror in your home.

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