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How Much Does a Misting System Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Misting System Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Misting System Installation Cost?

Misting systems use dedicated water supply lines, spray nozzles, and circulation fans to provide comfortable and convenient cooling for outdoor areas. A number of factors may contribute to the cost of installation, from the size and type of a system to its location and purpose. Whether to benefit guests, patrons, livestock, or plants, professional installation of your misting system can ensure optimum performance and effectiveness.

Average Prices

Installing Misting Systems at Homes and Businesses

The characteristics of a misting system’s installation site play an important part in determining the scale and cost of the project. The purpose and location of the system help your installer plan for the materials, equipment and preparation required, with home installations costing an average of $147, nationally. Misting systems at businesses are typically larger than residential installations, and cost about $582 to install. The cost of an apartment installation may depend on whether it is limited to the balcony or patio of a single unit, or is designed to service larger common areas, and averages $344.


Purpose of Your Misting System

High-pressure misting systems are popular for cooling outdoor entertainment areas, with effective cooling capability that leaves minimal dampness. The ease of installation and accessibility of a water source may influence the cost of the project, with patio systems fitted for an average of $128 and pool areas serviced for about $133. Misting systems are also beneficial for cooling animals, with an average installation rate of $229. The broad range of applications may affect overall pricing, since misting systems may vary from a single fan intended to cool a small pet area to large-scale installations that service a commercial kennel or livestock barn. Likewise, systems installed in planting areas may vary in size and design, since they may be used for irrigation as well as cooling, or service indoor or outdoor beds. A misting system that serves patio plants may cost $106 to install, compared to $217 for a greenhouse application.


Size of the Installation Area

Regardless of the purpose of your misting system, the overall size of the installation site is a good indicator of the time and manpower needed for the job. Fitting a system in an area less than 100 square feet may cost only $192, while installation rates average $224 for 100-200 sq. ft., $278 for 200-300 sq. ft., $366 for 300-400 sq. ft., $449 for 400-500 sq. ft., and $672 for a system that accommodates an area larger than 500 square feet.


Supplying Materials for Your Installation

Professional installers will evaluate the site for your misting system and can recommend and supply the equipment needed to set up the system to your specifications. Since contractors generally work with products and suppliers they use regularly, ordering and delivering materials is a normal part of the job. If you prefer to purchase materials separately however, installation alone costs an average of $151, compared to $377 for a project complete with materials.


Planning for Your Misting System Installation

The size, type, and application of your misting system play a part in designing its layout, selecting materials, and planning the time and manpower needed for misting system installation. The accessibility of a water supply and mounting sites for lines and nozzles contribute to the complexity of the job, with increased difficulty adding to project costs. Consider your objectives and the features of the site to plan an effective misting system with your contractor.

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