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How Much Does Outdoor Furniture Assembly Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Patio & Walkway > How Much Does Outdoor Furniture Assembly Cost?
How Much Does Outdoor Furniture Assembly Cost?

Durable outdoor furniture adds comfort to your porch, deck, or patio for your family and guests. Proper assembly is essential for the stability of your furniture and may be required to maintain a manufacturer’s warranty. A professional installer or handyman can spare you a tedious and time consuming task and help ensure your furniture will maintain its beauty and condition. The style, material, and number of pieces in your furniture assembly project will influence the price of the job, since the time and tools needed can vary widely.

Average Prices

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture provides a classic look for outdoor entertaining areas, and when properly protected, can last many years. Your contractor can assemble wood furniture with standard tools, for service rates that range from $137 to $396. Staining or painting wood pieces is generally not included in assembly services, so be sure to address whether any finishing is required for your pieces and plan accordingly.


Wicker Furniture

The timeless appeal of wicker lends itself to a number of applications. A wide range of furniture styles complement many design themes, with assembly requirements that can vary widely. Minimal set-up is required for some items that can be shipped intact, while others may require careful preparation to ensure their stability. The type and characteristics of your wicker pieces will influence the cost of assembly, which generally falls between $98 and $214.


Metal Furniture

Metal furniture adds an elegant touch to many outdoor applications, and requires careful assembly to prevent deterioration and weakening. Your contractor can assemble metal furniture with common hand tools for $117 to $308, depending on the scale of the project.


Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is often assembled without fasteners, though requirements may vary with the style and brand of your pieces. Service rates range from $72 to $153, and are generally affected by the skills and time needed for the job.


Furniture Pieces to Assemble

The demands of outdoor furniture assembly vary with different pieces, since some require more extensive work than others. Though rates are affected by the level of assembly involved, costs average $168 for tables, compare to $84 for chairs and $117 for a chaise lounge.


Number of Pieces in Your Project

Regardless of the features of your outdoor furniture, the overall scope of the assembly project is an important factor in its cost. Assembling a single piece costs an average of $78, and since minimum fees may apply, it may be cost effective to have several items assembled at one time. Typically, outdoor furniture assembly costs about $94 for two pieces, $116 for three, and $134 for four. Larger dining or seating sets of five pieces may cost $187 to assemble, versus $201 for six items and $247 for seven.


Your Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Professional assembly of your outdoor furniture can help ensure its durability, and an experienced installer can have it ready for you to enjoy in record time. Discuss with your assembler how the style and material of your furniture may affect the cost of the job. Since many pros who offer outdoor furniture assembly also provide other services, it may be economical for you to combine the project with others that fall within his qualifications.

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