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How Much Does Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation Cost?
How Much Does Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation Cost?

Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscaping and the usefulness of outdoor living spaces. Whether to highlight landscape features, improve safety on walkways and stairs, or showcase the design of your home, a wide variety of lighting options makes anything possible. The features of your yard, the complexity of the job, and the quality of fixtures will influence the cost of an outdoor lighting installation. A pro will price your project as a whole according to its specific features, but costs generally average out to a range of $150 to $500 per fixture. A landscape or lighting designer can help you plan a lighting arrangement that will beautify your yard and a qualified technician can complete your installation safely and efficiently.

Average Prices

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades and New Installations

Installing outdoor lighting may require some electrical upgrades and the installation of a transformer and low-voltage wiring outside your home. Since the preparation involved in a new installation may be substantial, rates will reflect the time needed to asses, adapt, and install needed wiring. Be sure to discuss with your designer or installer whether you will need to hire an electrician to install wiring and outlets, or if your existing electrical service is adequate for your plan.


Installing In-Ground Lights

In-ground or well lights are recessed in the ground with only the top of the fixture exposed to cast light upward. Well lights must withstand exposure to the elements as well as wear and tear from foot or vehicle traffic, and require site preparation with digging and the placement of fill material for proper drainage. Prices for installing in-ground lights vary with ground conditions and the number of units installed, generally ranging from $200 to $400 each.


Accent Bullet Light Installations

Like well lights, bullet fixtures are installed in the ground, but provide light to accent a specific structural or landscape feature. Placing bullet lights may require some digging, but since the fixture is mounted on a stake, the installation is generally simpler than that of well lights, and costs between $150 and $350 each.


Placing Driveway Marker Lights

Driveway marker lights are typically placed along the perimeter of a driveway or parking area to guide drivers and provide visual interest to the entrance of your property. Marker lights are often stake-mounted and installed simply, though adding lights to a hard surface may require more preparation than driving stakes directly in soil. The number and type of fixtures required to accommodate your driveway may influence the cost of installation, which typically ranges from $150 to $500 per unit.


Incorporating Step and Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting adds an impressive touch to steps, decks, patios, and walks, highlighting hardscape features while improving safety. The installation process for hardscape lighting may vary with the type of fixture and feature material, as well as whether lights are installed during construction or are retrofitted. Your step or other hardscape lighting installation may cost between $300 and $600 per fixture, depending on the scale and complexity of the job.


Path Lighting Installations

Installing lights along walking paths can add appeal to many outdoor applications, and improve safety for family members and guests. A variety of fixtures can be used to achieve your desired path lighting effect, from marker-style lights to recessed well lights and decorative post-mounted fixtures. Installation rates may span $200 to $500 each, depending on the style and number of fixtures needed to complete your project.


Installing Underwater Lighting

Adding underwater lighting to a pond or fountain can create a dramatic effect. Underwater fixtures are installed in much the same way as other outdoor lights, though they are constructed to withstand constant exposure to water and may have special electrical considerations. Your underwater light installation may cost between $200 and $400 per unit, depending on your selected fixtures and preparation requirements.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$1,250 - $3,000 $2,800 - $8,000 $7,000 - $24,000

The scale, scope, and complexity of a landscape lighting project will affect the cost of professional installation.

Sprucing Up Outdoors: $1,250 - $3,000

  • • Lighting: A variety of path, accent, and spot lights add a lot of impact to a landscaping update. These fixtures are generally simple and economical to install.
  • • Complexity: Limiting the installation to about ten fixtures and working in a flat, open yard make this job pretty straightforward.
  • • Services: Hiring out only the installation leaves the planning and design up to the homeowner, but can save $300 or more in design consultation fees.

An All-Over Transformation: $2,800 - $8,000

  • • Lighting: Updating lighting in the front and adding new lighting in backyard areas gives this home a makeover and upgrade all-around with 20 new fixtures. In addition to common accent lighting, hardscape, step and wall lighting enhance a patio area.
  • • Complexity: Adding hardscape to the list of lighting applications raises the difficulty of this job. Working with established stone, wood, and concrete features is tougher than dealing with soil, so it takes extra time and skill to run wire and install the fixtures needed here.
  • • Services: In order to make the most of this project, a landscape lighting designer consults on the job. The extra service has undeniable impact, but adds $500 or so to the bottom line.

A Neighborhood Showstopper: $7,000 - $24,000

  • • Lighting: Over 40 new lights take this yard from OK to amazing. It takes everything from hardscape and driveway lights to accents, spots, step, and deck lights to pull off this transformation.
  • • Complexity: Since this job involves a little bit of everything, it’s high on the complexity scale and will take several days to complete.
  • • Services: Hiring a designer is essential on a job of this nature, but a licensed electrician is also needed to run power to an accessible location for the lighting installers. That extra step adds $500 to $1,000 to the tab.

Find a Pro

Adding or upgrading outdoor lighting can make a dramatic improvement to your yard and redefine outdoor living spaces. Work with a qualified landscape lighting pro to plan a lighting installation that makes the most of your property. Be sure to discuss with your designer or installer if preparation will require the services of an electrician, landscaper, or other contractor to get your site ready for outdoor lighting.

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