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How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Repair Cost?
How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Repair Cost?

Problems with outdoor lighting systems can detract from the appeal of your lighting design and reduce safety in evening hours. Understanding the issues you are having with outdoor lighting can help your contractor diagnose and repair a number of problems.

Average Prices

Repairing a Variety of Outdoor Light Fixtures

Several styles of outdoor lights may be used to implement your landscape lighting design, each with unique installation, operation, and repair considerations. Stake and post mounted lights are generally simple to access for repair or replacement, with prices for the task averaging $82 for accent bullet lights, $77 for driveway markers, and $64 for path lighting. Recessed and underwater lights may be more difficult to access for evaluation, carrying repair costs of $98 for in-ground well lights, $132 for step lights, and $162 for underwater fixtures.


Repairing Selected Lights in Your Installation

If some of your outdoor light fixtures are not working, your technician will examine the condition of each affected light and its wiring to determine what repairs or replacements are required. Simple bulb or lamp replacements may cost as little as $56, while more complex repairs, such as replacing sockets, fixtures, or wiring, may cost up to $218.


Repairing a Failed System

In some cases, problems with power supply or wiring may keep all the lights in an outdoor installation from working. Repairing issues with transformers, sensors, wiring, and circuit breakers may cost from $92 to $318. Your contractor may start troubleshooting your lighting from the power source and deal with wiring or fixture problems as they become evident.


Adjusting Outdoor Lights

Often, outdoor light fixtures may function properly, but not provide the desired effect for accent, path, or ambient lighting. Adjustments to the location and position of these lights can usually be performed simply, with project prices ranging from $87 to $243 to create a more pleasing and effective display.


Repairing Damaged Lights

Moisture, impact, and exposure can damage outdoor light fixtures and cause failure. Replacing damaged parts can often restore them to full function, whether corroded sockets, cracked lenses, broken stakes, or severed wires. Depending on the nature of repairs and the number of lights affected, you may pay between $78 and $156 to restore damaged fixtures.


Correcting Problems with Timers

Many outdoor lighting installations are controlled by sensors and timers to coordinate operation and maximize efficiency. If lights fail to turn on or off when expected, or if lights come on at the wrong time, resetting or replacing a faulty timer may be necessary to resolve timing problems. Though diagnosing timer problems may vary with device styles, repairs are generally straightforward and cost between $67 and $134.


Planning for Outdoor Lighting Repairs

Keeping your outdoor lighting in good working order ensures that your fixtures will produce the desired effect around your home and yard. Evaluate the nature of problems you have with your lighting to help your contractor efficiently diagnose trouble with controls, wiring, and fixtures to prepare for a thorough repair that will restore the beauty and safety of your property for evening hours.

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