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How Much Does Picture Hanging Cost?

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How Much Does Picture Hanging Cost?

Hiring a professional to hang pictures in your home is an efficient way to complete a tedious and challenging task and avoid damaging the walls of your home. Whether you project involves arranging a grouping of family photos, installing a picture rail molding, or mounting a single work of art, your contractor can select the proper hardware and mounting method to display your pictures beautifully and safely.

Average Prices

Number of Installations

Your installer may base his charges on factors such as the size and location of hangings, as well as the total number of pictures in your project. Since a minimum service fee may apply, it is often cost effective to have several items hung during one visit. Nationally, service rates average $64 for hanging a single picture, while it may cost $78 for two, $91 for three, $114 for four, and $148 to hang five or more items.


Hanging Pictures on Drywall

Drywall typically provides the simplest surface for installing hanging hardware, with project costs ranging from $48 to $122. Your installer may use anchors to suit the size, weight and location of your pictures, but most installations on drywall do not require the use of specialized tools or equipment.


Installations on Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are extremely stable and durable for supporting any type of display. Hanging pictures on concrete may call for the use of a hammer drill or masonry bits and anchors, and typically costs between $67 and $143. Your installer will consider the thickness and condition of your walls as well as the weight and size of each picture when selecting the tools and materials needed for the job.


Hanging Pictures on Wood

Hanging pictures on wooden walls, like drywall, is generally accomplished with standard tools and hardware, and may cost from $56 to $134. The thickness of wood, spacing of studs, and features of items to hang may influence the materials used for the project.


Mounting Pictures on Tile

Hanging pictures on tiled walls requires appropriate tools to prevent damage to tile and grout. Some lightweight articles may be supported with adhesive-mounted hooks, but a more permanent installation requires the use of masonry tools and could cost between $84 and $137. Your contractor can determine how the features of both your tile and your pictures may influence the requirements of the job.


Installations on Stone

Like tile and concrete, hanging pictures on stone may require specialized tools and materials, with installation rates that range from $97 to $172. Variations in the surface texture, depth, and type of stone on walls and chimneys can influence the time and tools needed to prepare the surface for installation.


Planning for Picture Hanging

A number of factors contribute to the cost of professional picture hanging, from the number of items installed to the surface material of the walls in your home. Consider these variables as well as how the size and weight of your pictures and the height and accessibility of hanging locations may contribute to the difficulty the job. Your installer can evaluate the characteristics of your installation to estimate the time, tools and materials needed to complete an attractive and secure picture hanging project.

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