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How Much Does Planting a Tree Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Planting a Tree Cost?
How Much Does Planting a Tree Cost?

Planting trees in your yard can enhance the appearance, comfort and value of your home. Planting requirements, tree varieties, soil conditions, and tree size all play a part in the cost of planting services, so be sure to discuss with your landscaper or arborist how different aspects of the job will affect its price. Consider your goals for tree planting with your contractor to select varieties that are appropriate for your needs and climate, whether for shade, wind screening, fruit production, or aesthetics.


Average Cost To Plant a Tree

The cost guide below provides average national and local prices for planting a tree. These costs are determined by a variety of factors, those of which you'll learn about as you read on.

Average Prices

Site Considerations

The size and species of your new trees can help determine the impact of site and soil conditions on the difficulty of planting. Since making soil amendments and adding irrigation to benefit the growth of trees may add to project costs, consider the requirements of your trees and the condition of your soil prior to planting. Planting mature trees may require your contractor to use large equipment to dig holes or to move trees, making access to the site essential to the efficiency of the job. Extra measures taken to accommodate difficult sites or dig in hard soil may increase the cost of planting.


Number of Trees to Plant

The preparation requirements for every tree in your planting project are similar, increasing the time needed with each tree. Depending on its size, planting a single tree costs an average of $138, compared to $167 for two, $191 for three, $228 for four, and $267 for five trees. Larger planting projects of more than five trees may cost $344, though the general conditions of the site and the characteristics of trees will contribute to the scale and expense of the job.


Size of Transplant Containers

Your nursery or tree specialist may offer trees at various levels of maturity, from bare-root seedlings to potted saplings and more mature trees prepared in wrapped root balls or wooden boxes. While planting young trees is often more economical than handling larger specimens, more mature trees offer more instant benefit than small saplings. The size of a larger tree’s container is a good indicator of the time, effort, and equipment that will be needed for planting. It may cost about $104 to plant a tree in a five gallon pot, $127 for one in a 10 gallon container, and $142 for a 15 gallon container. Trees shipped in boxes are generally larger and more mature than those in pots and require more substantial effort to move and plant. Trees in 24” boxes cost an average of $177 to plant, compared to $194 for those in a 36” box and $247 for one in a 48” box.


Preparing for Tree Planting Services

Consult with your landscaper, designer, or arborist to select tree varieties and planting locations that are appropriate for your goals and location. The scope of your tree planting project has significant influence on the cost of the job, as well as the size, number, and characteristics of the trees you select. Planning ahead for tree planting will help you complete a successful project that has a number of benefits for your yard and home.

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