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How Much Does a Plaster Wall Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Drywall > How Much Does a Plaster Wall Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Plaster Wall Installation Cost?

Plaster provides a durable and attractive finish for interior walls and requires specific skills and preparation that differ from those needed for installing drywall. Whether you choose plaster for its structural, soundproofing, and aesthetic benefits or simply to blend with other walls in your home, several factors may influence the cost of installation.

Average Prices

Location of Plaster Walls

The characteristics of the room you will be plastering may influence the complexity of the job, since accommodating windows, doors, trim, and other features may require more time for preparation and application. Plastering a hallway, which is generally uncomplicated, costs an average of $307 in the U.S., while installations on other rooms vary from $618 for a bedroom to $433 for a bathroom, $719 for living rooms, $544 for a dining room, $802 for kitchens, and $741 for an office.


New Installations and Resurfacing Plaster

Though techniques may vary with the construction or condition of your wall, thorough preparation is required for both new plaster installations and resurfacing projects. Installing plaster on a new surface may cost about $804, depending on how much prep work has been completed with the construction of the wall. Depending on its condition, resurfacing a plaster wall may involve preparation that can range from superficial treatments to extensive demolition and structural repairs. Resurfacing projects average $1217, though the cost of your installation will depend heavily on the current condition of your walls.


Project Size

The square footage of your project site may be a key element of pricing a plaster installation. Though the condition, features, and location of the job are significant, the size of the walls to be plastered is a good indicator of costs. Installing plaster on a wall area of 100-300 square feet costs about $583, versus $914 for walls 300-600 sq. ft., $1721 for 600-900 sq. ft., and $2043 for 900-1200 sq. ft. The height of your walls may also influence the cost of plastering, since additional equipment may be needed to access some sites. If your contractor must use lifts or staging to reach the work area, the added time and difficulty of setting up equipment may increase project costs.


Plaster Wall Finishes

An attractive feature of plaster is its design flexibility, with craftsmen able to provide a number of wall finishes and textures to suit your tastes and décor. The time required to apply your desired finish may influence the cost of installation, with the application of standard textures costing an average of $614 compared to $807 for a smooth finish. Custom finishes may cost $1226, depending on the skills, tools, time, and materials needed to create the desired effect.


Planning for Your Plaster Installation

As you plan for the requirements and expense of your plastering project, consider the features and condition of the walls to be surfaced and how your choice of finishes may affect the demands of the job. Your contractor can evaluate the installation site to help determine what prep work will be required and whether structural repairs or changes are needed to ready the site for a plaster finish.

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