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How Much Does Post Construction Cleanup Cost?

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How Much Does Post Construction Cleanup Cost?

Cleaning up after a construction project can be a labor-intensive and hazardous job. A professional can clean up your worksite in record time with proper handling of heavy and hazardous materials. Including the time and expense of clean-up in your construction plans can help you set a reliable timeline and avoid unexpected costs. The type, location, and amount of debris from your project may contribute to the cost of the job, as well as the specific cleaning services you require.

Average Prices

Type of Cleanup Site

The characteristics of your clean-up site will contribute to expenses, since accessibility may determine what type of equipment your contractor can use to simplify the job and the size of a building can affect time and labor requirements. Residential locations may have space for trucks and dumpsters, though building access may be limited by small entry doors and stairways. Cleaning rates average $342 for homes, compared to $561 for businesses where accessibility can vary widely from dense urban sites to more spacious commercial properties.


Amount of Debris

The amount of debris to remove from a location is an important factor in the cost of a cleanup job. Though the type of materials on your site will influence the method and mode of disposal, the volume of waste will help your contractor determine the type of equipment, amount of manpower, and size of receptacles needed to clean up your site safely and efficiently. Small scale jobs with only enough trash to fill a few curbside garbage cans cost about $108, while it may cost $217 to handle enough waste to fill a pickup truck. Dumpsters placed on site typically provide the simplest method for collecting and removing trash, though fees usually apply for delivery of a dumpster and for each time the dumpster is removed or emptied. Clean-up rates average $331 for jobs that require a single dumpster and $486 for sites with debris that could fill multiple dumpsters.


Interior and Exterior Cleanup

Depending on the location of your construction project, the equipment needed to clean up could range from a shovel, wheelbarrow and pressure washer for exterior jobs to a vacuum cleaner and array of detergents and tools indoors. The nature of the job and ease of access for your contractor’s crew can simplify the removal of waste, since negotiating halls, doors, and stairs can make the job more difficult and may call for more manpower to complete the work efficiently. Further, deep cleaning of interior surfaces adds a level of service to the job that may not be relevant outdoors. When waste materials and surfaces to clean are located outside, service rates average $379, compared to $677 for interior cleanup projects.


Window Cleaning

Construction projects typically leave behind a substantial amount of dust and grime that can be difficult to safely remove from glass. Professional window cleaning can ensure that windows are thoroughly cleaned without damage. The cost of post-construction window cleaning ranges from $142 to $614 and is often influenced by the number, style, and height of windows to be cleaned as well as whether interior, exterior, or both surfaces are cleaned.


Your Construction Cleanup Project

A quality cleanup job can make the difference between fully enjoying your new house or remodel and dreading the labor and difficulty of properly cleaning your yard or home. Trusting the job to a professional can help you ensure that construction waste is properly disposed of or recycled, and that dangerous or hazardous materials are handled safely. The specific services needed to get your home in order will help determine the cost of your cleanup project, so be sure to consider the overall effects of the job on your home. From garbage removal to pressure washing and deep cleaning, the scope of your construction project will directly influence the demands and expense of post-construction cleanup.

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