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How Much Does a Refrigerator Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does a Refrigerator Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Refrigerator Installation Cost?

Installing a new refrigerator can improve the functionality of your kitchen and can be an important upgrade during renovations. Correct installation can ensure that your new appliance is installed without damage to your home and is set up for efficient and convenient performance. The features of both your refrigerator and the installation site will contribute to the difficulty and expense of installation.

Average Prices

Refrigerator Brands

Various appliance manufacturers may ship refrigerators with some preparation and assembly required for operation. Though installation procedures are generally consistent, the specific characteristics of your model may influence the time needed for the job. Your installer may consider the brand of your refrigerator when pricing his services, with installation rates averaging $118 for Amana models, $184 for a Bosch, $173 for Electrolux, $119 for Frigidaire, $109 for GE, $112 for Haier and $124 for a Hot Point. Placing a Jenn-Air may cost $178 versus $116 for a Kenmore, $178 for Kitchen Aid, $124 for LG, $114 for Magic Chef, $121 for Maytag, $147 for Samsung, $181 for a Subzero, and $119 to install a Whirlpool fridge.


Installing a Refrigerator with a Water or Ice Dispenser

In order for refrigerator models with ice and water dispensers to function automatically, they must be connected to a water supply line. If your model needs a water line connection, you can expect to pay about $127 for installation, though the cost averages $138 if the refrigerator does not need a water supply. If a water line is not in place, the added preparation may increase overall project costs and call for the services of a plumber or other contractor.


Home Level for Installation

The level of your installation site is an important factor in the difficulty of placing a refrigerator. Since maneuvering a large and heavy appliance becomes more difficult with greater distance and height, installing a refrigerator on higher levels of a building may require more time and manpower and is typically more costly than placing one in a first floor location. Installing a refrigerator on the first story of a home costs an average of $126 compared to $168 for a second floor installation and $192 for placing one on a third level.


Elevator Access

If your refrigerator’s location is on an upper level of your home or apartment building, the ease with which your installer can move the appliance will contribute to the cost of installation. Since using an elevator can greatly reduce the difficulty of moving large appliances, your project may cost $141 if one is available, versus $188 for installation on an upper level with only stairway access.


Planning for Your Refrigerator Installation

As you plan for the installation of a new refrigerator, consider how the accessibility of your home could influence the difficulty and expense of the job. Preparing some models or features may take more of your installer’s time than others, and the condition of related plumbing and wiring may affect the installation process. Any upgrades to your home’s systems to power your appliance or supply it with water may require the services of a licensed contractor at additional cost. Be sure to discuss the features of both your installation site and your new refrigerator with your installer so you can plan accordingly for the project.

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