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How Much Does It Cost to Repair Damaged Wood?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > How Much Does It Cost to Repair Damaged Wood?
How Much Does It Cost to Repair Damaged Wood?

Inside or outdoors, damaged wood can create unsightly and dangerous problems with your home’s structure and finishes. Pests, impact, water, wear, and exposure can cause a variety of issues with wood framing, surfaces and trim. Your contractor can evaluate the location and type of wood damage to plan a repair that will restore the safety and appearance of any installation.

Average Prices

Wood Damage on a Variety of Buildings

Depending on the style of construction, wood damage may be more prevalent on single family homes than on apartment and commercial buildings. The popularity of concrete and steel construction, along with masonry, manufactured and metal finishes reduce the likelihood of structural and exterior wood damage on these structures. Similarly, interior flooring and trim choices may include more synthetic than natural options in some buildings, decreasing the risk of wood damage. When wood is common in a structure, its location, purpose, and condition contribute to the expense of repairs. Accessing and repairing damaged wood in homes can usually be accomplished with common tools and equipment, and costs an average of $259, nationally. Special scheduling may be required to accommodate the occupants and visitors of some locations, while lift equipment may be needed to access some areas of large buildings. With differences in size, access, and structure in mind, it may cost $239 to repair damaged wood at apartment buildings and $315 at business facilities.


Repairing Damaged Wooden Decks

Due to constant exposure to the elements and animals, wood decks are vulnerable to a number of risks for damage. Though many wood species are less prone to rot and insect problems than others, and the application of surface treatments can add protection to any type of wood, even regular use can result in wear and damage. Whether structural or cosmetic, repairing damaged wood on deck surfaces and framing typically costs between $146 and $474, while restoring wooden railings may cost from $178 to $576.


Damaged Siding

Wood siding provides important protection for your home and adds character to exterior finishes. Siding repairs may involve patching and refinishing damaged sections of clapboards or completely replacing affected boards or shingles. The accessibility of the repair site, along with the complexity of repairs and finishing will influence repair rates, which range from $175 to $568.


Issues with Damaged Wood Eaves

Roof overhangs are susceptible to water damage from a number of sources, and are a popular spot for several types of pests, such as squirrels, birds and insects. Making repairs to eaves and rake boards requires your contractor to access the roof of your home with ladders, lifts, or staging, and often involves replacing and finishing damaged boards. Repair prices between $146 and $474 are influenced by the overall size and condition of the repair area, as well as the accessibility of the site and the extent of repairs.


Fixing Wood Stairs

The location of your stairs is an important factor in the complexity and cost of repairs to damaged wood, since finishes and accessibility vary widely between indoor and outdoor installations. Interior stairs with wood treads and risers and exposed framing can generally be repaired without complication, while repairing carpeted stairs or those with concealed framing may require significant and disruptive preparation. Exterior stairs that lead to porches, decks, and entries can usually be accessed easily and are vulnerable to predictable types of damage, due to their exposure to weather and pests. Depending on the location, style, and finish of a stairway, repairing damaged wood may cost from $191 to $620.


Repairing Damaged Doors and Door Frames

Exterior doors and door frames are commonly damaged by water infiltration, while interior doors may be affected by impact, wear, or pets. Solid doors can be repaired for $133 to $431 often with sanding, filling, and refinishing, though in some cases it may be necessary to replace a rail, stile, or panel. Damage to door jambs or frames can impair the function of a door or lockset, and may require patching with replacement pieces. The removal of trim, thresholds, and doors may be necessary to make repairs, which range in price from $122 to $394.


Dealing with Different Types of Wood Damage

The type and severity of damage to wood is an important factor in the complexity, scope, and cost of repairs. Surface and cosmetic problems can often be corrected with cleaning, filling and refinishing. External issues such as those from mold may cost $254 to repair and fixing blemishes caused by pests like woodpeckers may cost $228. Extensive damaged that has compromised the integrity of wood may call for epoxy treatments, reinforcement, or replacement, with repairs costing an average of $292 for fungus damage, $291 for dry rot, and $258 for wet rot. A number of conditions can cause warping, which may cost $297 to correct, and the potential scope of termite damage influences average repair rates of $298.


Damaged Wood Repair Service

If you are ready to line up a Pro for a damaged wood repair project, contact a Pro in your area to discuss the job. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a quality Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.

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