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How Much Does a Screen Door Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Screen Door Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Screen Door Installation Cost?

A screen door can improve the air circulation and comfort of your home while preventing insects and other pests from entering. Installations are generally uncomplicated, though a variety of screen door styles are available to suit different applications, openings, and budgets. Most screen doors can be installed by a technician or handyman with common tools, though the features of your door and home may influence the cost of the project.

Average Prices

Door Styles

Screen doors are routinely manufactured to suit a number of exterior door openings, and can be special ordered to fit custom doors. Popular hinged models that accommodate standard entry doors are usually mounted on their own frame and cost an average of $112 to install. Retractable screens operate much like window shades, opening vertically or horizontally. Fitting a retractable door involves mounting the screen cassette and track system and costs about $144. Sliding screen doors typically work in conjunction with a sliding glass door, and are installed for around $127. The installation requirements of screens for garage door openings can vary widely, but average $183, nationally. Simple projects that involve mounting magnetic, snap, or hook and loop closures are generally less demanding and expensive than installing motorized and retractable screen mechanisms or frame a track systems that complement an existing garage door.


Locking Screen Doors

Most screen doors have a latch or lock mechanism, but many models can be upgraded with a lockset for added security. If your screen door installation does not include mounting a locking handle or knob, it may cost $122. The added time and skill needed to properly install a keyed latch, lockset or deadbolt may increase costs to $161.


Door Sizes

While the style and mounting requirements of your screen door are important factors in the expense of installation, the overall size of the door can help your contractor determine the manpower and time needed for the job. Most hinged screen doors are produced in standard heights and widths, though custom units can usually be special ordered to fit any opening. Installation rates average $114 for a door 30 inches wide, while it may cost $119 to hang a 32 inch screen door, and $124 for a 36 inch model.


Installing New and Replacement Screen Doors

Since screen doors are typically mounted with their own hardware, hanging a door in a new location is generally uncomplicated. The condition of the installation site may affect the difficulty of the job, which costs $138 on average. Replacing a screen door may cost $162, since removing and disposing of an existing door increases the demands of the job. Making needed repairs to areas damaged by the previous installation will also increase expenses.


Supplying Materials

If you prefer to select and purchase your new screen door and mounting hardware yourself, the expense of installation should be limited to labor, which averages $141. Your contractor may assess additional fees or markup for supply and delivery, so it could cost $267 if you have him supply the door and materials for your installation.


Planning for Your Installation

As you prepare for a screen door installation, consider how the size and style of your door may affect the difficulty of handling and mounting, and how the condition of the installation could contribute to the time and materials needed for the job. Your contractor can help you select a door that is well suited for your needs and can install it securely to provide many years of use.

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