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How Much Does a Sewer Line Installation or Replacement Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Sewer Line Installation or Replacement Cost?
How Much Does a Sewer Line Installation or Replacement Cost?

A main sewer line directs all wastewater to a septic system or municipal sewer system and is an essential component of every building’s plumbing. Installing and replacing sewer lines is a significant project that should be completed by a qualified professional. The characteristics of your property are important factors in the cost of installation and replacement.

Average Prices

Residential and Commercial Projects

Installation procedures for sewer lines are generally similar for residential and commercial properties, but material and installation standards may vary with municipal codes. Sewer line installations at homes cost an average of $1583 in the U.S., with costs often affected by the presence of a septic tank versus public sewer services. It may cost $2497 to set a line at an apartment facility and $3201 for a business property, where larger diameter lines are typically required.


New and Replacement Installations

Installing a new sewer line during construction is generally uncomplicated, since access to systems is simple and groundwork is unfinished. New installations cost an average of $2076, though the amount of earth work involved or other preparation may affect the expense of the job. Replacing damaged or faulty sewer lines can be a complex job, since excavation is usually required and the removal of existing pipes can increase the time and manpower needed for the project. Replacement typically costs about $3196, though related repairs and clean up may increase overall expenses.


Sewer Line Issues

A number of problems can result from faulty sewer lines, and the nature of issues can help determine the extent of repairs for your home or building. Your contractor can determine if repairs may resolve drainage issues or if replacement is necessary, but in general it may cost $2817 to manage waste water backing up in drains and $1462 for backups in dishwashers, while it may cost $1533 to resolve slow draining throughout a home, and $1109 for issues with toilets. Repairing problems that lead to foul odors from drains could averages $1448, while resolving obvious leakage of waste water in a yard could cost $4208.


Length of Sewer Line

The distance between your home and sewer or septic system is an important factor in the cost of sewer line installation, since the time and material requirements of the job increase with its scale. Fitting and laying a line less than 100 feet typically costs about $1463, compared to $2519 for one 100’ to 200’, $3802 for one 200’ to 300’ and $5532 for a run over 300’ long. Though the distance between a building and the street or septic tank is a good indicator of the job’s requirements, any earthwork needed to create the proper pitch for drainage or repairs made to existing lines or structures may increase the costs of your project.


Planning for Your Sewer Line Installation

Your sewer line installation may be an essential aspect of new construction or a necessary repair task. Regardless of the application, a number of factors will contribute to the expense of the job. Discuss with your contractor how the features of your property and the condition of existing lines and landscaping may affect the project.

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