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How Much Does Shelf Hanging Cost?

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How Much Does Shelf Hanging Cost?

Wall-mounted shelves can provide decorative display areas or utilitarian storage while preserving floor space in your home. Whether a single bookshelf or a decorative grouping for displaying artwork, shelves can be a flexible and attractive feature in any room. The size, number, and material of your shelves may influence the cost of installation, just as the condition and surface of your walls will help determine the tools needed and the difficulty of the job.

Average Prices

Number of Shelves

The scale of your shelf installation is an important factor in the cost of the project, since the time needed for the job will increase with the number of shelves to hang. Nationally, installing a single shelf costs about $68, compared to $84 for two, $107 for three, $128 for four, and $156 for five or more shelves. The amount and type of hardware required for each shelf may vary with its material, size, placement and purpose, so the features of your shelves may influence the demands of hanging each one.


Installing Shelves on Drywall

Sheetrock, or drywall, is simple to work with when mounting shelves. Your installer may be able to mount hardware directly on studs, or will use anchors to secure shelf brackets to your walls. Hanging shelves on sheetrock typically costs between $88 and $173, though the overall scope of the project will influence pricing.


Hanging Shelves on Concrete

Mounting hardware for shelves on concrete walls may require the use of a hammer drill with masonry bits, and could take longer than installations on more malleable wall surfaces. Your contractor can assess your walls to plan the difficulty of the job, which usually costs from $92 to $194.


Shelves for Wood Walls

Like sheetrock, wood walls generally provide an uncomplicated surface to work with that does not require the use of special tools. Prices for hanging shelves on wood range from $82 and $181 and may vary with the hardness of the wood cladding or the type of anchors needed to support your shelves.


Mounting Shelves on Stone

Hard and irregular surfaces often found on stone walls can create challenges for mounting shelf hardware. With the proper tools though, your contractor can securely attach the anchors needed to support shelves of any style. Since mounting shelves on stone may call for the use of special tools or equipment, it may cost between $94 and $217.


Hanging Shelves on Tile

The characteristics of your wall tile will help an installer select appropriate tools and hardware to prevent cracking tiles or damaging grout. Working with the delicate surface to install shelving may also take longer than with other wall materials, and generally costs from $91 and $187.


Supplying Materials for Your Shelving Installation

Shelving styles range from functional to decorative and are available in a variety of materials from wire mesh to glass, wood, masonry and metal. Installation rates average $104 for homeowners who provide the shelf units and related materials for thier project. If your contractor supplies the materials for your job or builds custom shelves to suit the application, markup and supply costs may bring your installation price to $137.


Planning for Hanging Shelves

As you plan and budget for hanging shelves, consider the features of both your shelves and the installation site. Limited accessibility in pantries and closets may complicate the job and increase labor rates, just as mounting very high shelves may call for extra manpower or equipment. Also, the style and material of your shelving and walls can help you select a contractor best suited for the job. While some installations can be completed by an installer or handyman, a finish carpenter or mason may be needed to work with some materials and surfaces. Planning ahead for the requirements and costs of the job can help you prepare for an efficient, high quality shelf installation.

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