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How Much Does Shower Door Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bathroom > How Much Does Shower Door Installation Cost?
How Much Does Shower Door Installation Cost?

Shower doors provide a low-maintenance and long-lasting enclosure for new tubs and showers, or as an upgrade from a basic shower curtain. A few factors will contribute to the cost of your shower door installation, so be sure to discuss the features of your selected door as well as your tub or shower with your installer.

Average Prices

Shower Door Installation Types Cost Factors

Shower doors are available for standalone shower stalls as well as for tub and shower combinations. More door options and features may be available for stalls than for tubs, since some mounting methods are not designed for tub surfaces and surrounds. Door sizes and styles will affect the complexity of installation, which carries an average cost of $156 for standalone showers and $213 for bathtub units.


Cost to Install a Custom Shower Enclosure

A custom-built shower can be made to suit your preferences with a number of integrated features. Since the dimensions of a custom shower are unique, a custom enclosure may be required. Depending on the design of your shower, a custom enclosure may range from a specially sized hinged door to a complete shower surround with an integrated door. The size and features of your enclosure will influence installation rates, which typically fall between $287 and $418.


Cost to Install Sliding Bypass Door

Sliding bypass doors are a very popular option for mounting on tub and shower combinations as well as large shower stalls. Framed models are mounted with top and bottom rails spanning your tub or shower, while frameless bypass doors may only have wall-mounted hardware and a top rail to support glass doors. Installation may cost from $156 to $217, with the complexity of the job determined in part by the size and style of your sliding shower door. .


Cost to Install a Hinged Shower Door

Hinged shower doors are a common choice for small openings on shower stalls as well as for some larger showers and tub combinations. Swinging doors may consist of a single hinged door or a fixed panel adjacent to a hinged door and are available for both tubs and shower stalls. Like other shower door options, the size and type of a hinged door impact the expense of its installation, which typically costs between $123 and $174.


Framed and Frameless Shower Door Installation Cost

Framed shower doors are an economical and popular choice for a number of installations, from sliding bypass doors on a standard tub/shower combination to a wide, hinged door with a stationary panel on a large shower stall. Framed doors are usually installed with top, bottom, and side rails to support and guide glass doors, with an average installation price of $224 affected by the type of shower and mounting site. Frameless doors provide a more high-end appearance to a bathroom, and are often used with custom shower installations and upscale fixtures. More complex procedures combine with the type and condition of the mounting site for an average installation rate of $312.


Preparing for a Shower Door Installation

Understanding your options for a shower door can help you plan and budget for a smooth shower door installation. Modern choices make a variety of door styles available for virtually any type of shower or tub, though the features of your bathroom and the size of your shower opening may be better suited for a particular style of door. Discuss the dimensions of your shower opening and your door preferences with your retailer to select a model that is appropriate for your installation. Your installer can help you determine how the condition and style of your shower and door will contribute to the difficulty and cost of installation.

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