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How Much Does a Shower Head Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Shower Head Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Shower Head Installation Cost?

A new shower head can reduce water consumption, improve performance, and help update the look of your bathroom fixtures. The material of your shower surround may contribute to the difficulty of installation, as well as the availability and condition of water lines and valves. Installing a shower head in a prepared site can generally be completed by a handyman or other technician, while upgrading plumbing to accommodate a shower head in a new location will require the expertise of a qualified plumber.

Average Prices

Installing a New Shower Head

Adding a shower head to an existing tub or as part of a new shower may involve the installation of water supply lines and shower controls if the site has not been prepared in advance. The complexity of the job may be affected by a number of factors, such as the material of your shower walls and the accessibility of existing plumbing. Installation rates may range from between $84 to $218 , as the scope of the project can vary from simply fitting a new shower head to opening a wall to install new plumbing lines and shower controls. Repairs needed to correct damage to tile or drywall from plumbing installations may add to the overall cost of your project.


Replacing an Existing Shower Head

Replacing an existing shower head with a new model is generally an uncomplicated task that entails unscrewing the old fixture and installing a new one in its place. Fixing any problems with the shower arm, plumbing, or controls may add to the difficulty of the job. Typically, installing a replacement shower head costs between $68 and $134 , though the type of fixture and the condition of your shower and plumbing may contribute to the cost and scope of the job.


Shower Head Suppliers

Often, installers supply or recommend a particular brand of fixture to simplify installation or provide results they have confidence in. Since your contractor will provide a shower head and components he is experienced with, installation is generally efficient and costs an average of $82 . Purchasing your shower head independently may spare your installer the burden of ordering and delivering the fixture, but depending on your choice the project may take more time and cost about $116.


Preparing for Your Installation

As you plan for your shower head installation, consider whether the job involves simply fitting the fixture to the shower arm or if repairs and upgrades to plumbing, controls, or bath faucets are also in order. The cost of your project will be influenced by the condition of the installation site and the difficulty of the job. Your installer or plumber can evaluate your shower to determine the complexity of the job and how preparation or repairs may influence the cost of the project.

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