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How Much Does a Sink Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Sink Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Sink Installation Cost?

Fitting a sink is a fundamental task in the construction or renovation of your kitchen or bath, but may be a necessary repair or a helpful upgrade to a garage, laundry room or bar. Installations are generally straightforward, but your sink’s location and the condition of your plumbing and counters may affect the difficulty of the job. Your plumber can assess your selected sink and installation site to determine how the characteristics of your project will influence its price.

Average Prices

Sink Location

The location of your new sink may be a significant factor in pricing the installation, since some areas may be more accessible than others. The amount of preparation required will also affect the time, skill, and materials needed for the project, since replacing an existing sink will not require the same level of work as a placing one in a new location. Though other aspects of the job influence its scope, installing a sink in a kitchen costs an average of $144 in the U.S., compared to $178 for a bathroom and $201 for a laundry area. Rates for installing a sink in a bar, utility area, or other location are comparable, with the requirements of new versus replacement installations heavily influencing the cost of the job.


Types of Sinks

Different sink styles have specific mounting requirements, which may require extensive prep work or extra manpower, and could involve more than one contractor. Farmhouse and apron sinks are often large and require specialized or modified base cabinets for support, costing about $238 to install. Though unconventional, tile sinks can add a dramatic design element to a room while performing as well as other surfaces. Installing a tile sink may require significant preparation and involve a tile setter as well as a plumber or other contractor, and costs an average of $386. Metal sinks are popular for many applications and are available in an array of styles that are a far cry from standard kitchen basins. Their durability makes them easy to handle, with average installation rates of $178. Metal rimmed sinks are also suited for a number of settings, and with only the application of the rim distinguishing the process from others, costs about $189 to install. Finally, wall mounted sinks do not require the support of cabinetry, but any upgrades needed to improve the condition of the supporting wall may add to overall installation costs, which average $211.


Fixture Types

Though installation procedures for faucets and drain hardware are generally consistent, the overall quality of your fixtures and any special handling requirements for some finishes my affect the process. Installing a sink with nickel finish fixtures may cost $191, compared to $218 for a set with gold finish or $207 for one in a bronze style. Your retailer or installer can let you know how your choice of faucets and fixtures may influence the overall cost of sink installation, and can help you select a model and finish that suits your application and selected basin.


Countertop Mounting Options

Your choice of mounting as well as counter materials and base cabinet features may have an impact on the type of sink you can install as well as the preparation and method needed for installation. Top or surface-mount sinks are generally dropped into an opening in the counter surface, and can be installed with virtually any counter material and sink base cabinet. Typically, installing a surface-mount sink can be completed for $194, compared to $229 for an undermount style, which can only be accomplished with counter materials that are impervious to water and may require modifications to existing cabinetry.


Supplying Parts and Materials for the Job

If you have already purchased your sink, faucets, and other fixtures, your plumber or installer may only need to charge you for his time spent fitting the unit, a task which typically costs about $154. If you prefer to have the parts and materials for the job supplied by your contractor, the total cost may reach $382. If your project involves running new supply or drain lines, your plumber can generally provide the pipe, fittings, and valves as needed, simplifying the installation and sparing you the task of purchasing plumbing materials.


Sink Installation Service

A number of factors may affect the cost of fitting your sink, from location to fixture types and installation requirements. Your sink installation pro can help determine how modifications to plumbing, counters, or cabinetry may affect the scope of the job and whether your choice of fixtures and mounting options will affect overall costs.

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