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How Much Does a Stove/Cooktop Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does a Stove/Cooktop Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Stove/Cooktop Installation Cost?

A new range or cooktop can be an important upgrade during renovations or a necessary feature for a new kitchen. A number of factors contribute to the expense of installing a stove, from its fuel type and brand to the condition of the installation site. Your retailer or designer can help you select a stove that meets your family’s needs and can provide installation specifications that will help you and your installer prepare for the project.

Average Prices

Cost to Install New and Replacement Stoves

Residential stoves and cooktops are produced in standard sizes that accommodate most kitchen configurations, but the complexity of your installation may be affected by the condition of your kitchen and cabinetry. In new construction and complete kitchen renovations, cabinetry and appliances can be configured to complement each other and simplify installation, bringing the average cost of placing a new stove to $184. Replacing an old stove may cost $119, since removing an old appliance, upgrading or changing fuel supplies, and modifying cabinetry may increase the complexity of the project.


Cost to Remove an Old Appliance

Appliance installers commonly provide removal services for old appliances, either for a flat fee or for a price that is based on the size and type of appliance or on the cost of disposal. Since removing an old stove may take as much time and labor as installing a new one, the job typically costs $192 compared to the average of $148 for an installation that does not involve the removal of an old appliance.


Stove and Cooktop Brands Cost Factors

Installation procedures are generally consistent for ranges and cooktops, but special considerations may be made for specific brands. Check with your installer to see if the brand or model of your appliance has special preparation requirements that may affect your installation price. Nationally, rates average $238 to install an Admiral, $182 for an Amana, $176 for Frigidaire, $171 for GE, $162 for Hotpoint, $207 for a Jenn-Air, $144 for Kenmore, $224 for Kitchen Aid, $173 for Magic Chef, $194 for Maytag, $157 for Tappan, and $153 for a Westinghouse stove.


Cost to Install an Electric Stove

Installation rates for electric stoves may vary with the condition of existing wiring, since making any changes or upgrades requires additional time as well as the services of a qualified electrician. Most installations can be completed simply if proper wiring in place, but adding a new power source can add difficulty to the job. Project prices range from $98 to $182 for an electric range or cooktop installation, since the accessibility and condition of your home’s wiring play an important part in determining the cost of electrical changes.


Cost to Install a Gas Stove

Like electric stoves, the difficulty of installing a gas range or cooktop is influenced by the presence and condition of a fuel supply line. Placing a stove in a location with an existing line may be straightforward and cost as little as $112, while project rates can range up to $201 for jobs that require the installation of a new gas line. The distance to your fuel supply and the accessibility of spaces needed to run supply lines will affect the overall cost of installation.


Planning for your Stove or Cooktop Installation

In addition to the type and style of your stove, the features of your home may affect the cost of installation. Discuss with your stove installer how modifying fuel supplies or removing an old appliance may impact installation rates, and consider how your existing cabinetry will accommodate your choice of appliance. Consider that the layout of your home may affect the ease with which your installer can maneuver a heavy range, and that repairing any damage done to walls, floors, or cabinetry in order to accommodate installation will add to overall project costs. Planning for the characteristics of both your new stove and your home will help you budget and prepare for your installation project.

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