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How Much Does a Surround Sound System Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > How Much Does a Surround Sound System Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Surround Sound System Installation Cost?

A surround sound system can be a substantial upgrade to your existing home theater or an integral part of a new installation. A well-planned and properly installed system can greatly enhance your family’s entertainment area by providing high-quality sound as it was intended to be heard. The characteristics of your home and equipment may affect the complexity and cost of your installation, so consider their features as you plan the project.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Installations

Depending on the type and caliber of your surround system, the integration of wiring and speakers may be required to provide for ideal placement and performance. Since opening walls and running wires through ceilings or floors may be involved, the project can be disruptive and time consuming in an existing room. Nationally, the installation of a new system in a finished room costs an average of $418. It may cost only $264 to replace an existing system, since preparation can be minimized if the original set-up can accommodate the new equipment. Often, installing a surround sound system during construction is most efficient, since your contractor can easily access areas needed to run wires and mount speakers and controls. Installation costs average $336 during construction, though the requirements of your system will influence the scope of the job.


Surround Sound System Quality

The brand, features, and type of surround system you select may affect the cost of installation, since the preparation and procedures involved can vary widely. The differences between wired and wireless systems and surface mounted vs. integrated speakers can have a significant impact on the demands of the project, as will the amount of planning and calibration required to ensure optimum performance. Entry-level systems can often be installed quickly and with minimal preparation, costing about $281. Setting up mid-range equipment may call for more planning, and costs around $474. High-end surround sound systems are often large-scale and incorporate a number of features that require careful planning, set up, and testing. The additional time and skill needed to install a high-end system can lead to installation rates of about $807.


Number of Rooms in Your Installation

The scale of your surround-sound system is an important consideration in the cost of installation, since the more widely distributed its components are, the more time and effort will be needed to complete the job. Setting up a system that is limited to a single room costs an average of $238, compared to $347 for spreading the system through two rooms, $391 for three, and $614 for four or more rooms. Adding speakers to the outside of your home may increase the complexity of the project, bringing costs to around $709.


Planning for a Surround Sound System Installation

A number of factors can contribute to the cost of installing a new surround sound system in your home, from the features of the equipment to the condition and characteristics of your home. Your retailer, consultant, or installer can address how the overall quality, scale, and capabilities of your equipment will influence the complexity of the installation, and can help you plan for a high-quality installation.

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