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How Much Does a Thermostat Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > How Much Does a Thermostat Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Thermostat Installation Cost?

A thermostat provides automatic control of heating and cooling by sensing room temperature and turning appliances on or off. Proper installation helps ensure the effectiveness of your thermostat, which is important for efficient operation of air conditioners, furnaces and heaters.

Average Prices

Thermostat Controls

Thermostats control both heating and cooling appliances so your home’s temperature can be maintained in any climate or season. Though thermostat installation procedures are similar, air conditioning units are typically located outside a home, whereas furnaces and heaters are installed indoors. The ease with which your contractor can access the appliance and run necessary wires may affect the cost of the job, which averages $118 for a thermostat to control A/C, $107 for heating controls, and $127 to fit a unit that manages both heating and cooling.


New and Replacement Installations

If your project involves fitting a thermostat in a new location, an electrician may need to install wiring between the installation site, the appliance, and your electrical panel, depending on the nature of the project. The accessibility of each location will affect the difficulty and cost of the job, which averages $132. Installing a replacement unit in a prepared location is generally simple and costs about $87, though any upgrades or repairs needed to connect or mount the thermostat may increase the expense of the project.


Thermostat Features

Programmable thermostats offer precise control over your home’s temperature to improve comfort and energy efficiency. The specific features of your model will affect the complexity of installation, and since some programmable thermostats require a new electrical connection or involve mounting sensors outdoors, installation costs $118 on average, compared to $102 for a standard thermostat without programming features.


Supplying a Thermostat

A number of standard and programmable thermostats are available from home centers and other retailers, while others are available to electricians and contractors through trade suppliers. If you have already purchased one for your home, installation alone may cost about $93. If you prefer the convenience of having your installer supply a thermostat, or need him to special order a high-end model, total costs may reach $186.


Planning for Your Installation

Installing a new thermostat may be a necessary maintenance task, a helpful upgrade, or an important step in a new construction project. The condition of your installation site, accessibility of your home’s systems, and features of your thermostat may influence the cost of installation. Discuss with your thermostat installer which models are best suited for your needs and how the characteristics of your home may affect the project.

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