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How Much Does a Toilet Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Toilet Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Toilet Installation Cost?

Installing a new toilet may be part of a complete bathroom renovation or a necessary repair project. The process is generally straightforward for your plumber, though the location of the installation site and the features of your bathroom may affect the cost of the job.

Average Prices

Installing Toilets at Homes and Businesses

Though toilets are available in a wide variety of styles, installation procedures are generally consistent for residential models. The accessibility of your bathroom may add to the difficulty of the job however, so consider how challenging it may be for your plumber to carry tools and materials to the installation site. Toilet installations in single-family homes are completed for an average price of $138, while accessibility issues may influence the cost for apartment installations, which usually cost about $161. Toilets designed for use in commercial facilities are often tankless and have different installation requirements than residential units. Toilet styles, site accessibility, and any special scheduling required to accommodate business operations may contribute to the cost of installation, which is generally about $187 in the U.S.


New and Replacement Installations

Installing a toilet in a new location is typically uncomplicated, though readiness of the site is essential in planning for the job. Rates may range from $96 for fitting a toilet in a full prepared location to $247 for an installation that involves making plumbing changes or upgrades. Likewise, the removal of an existing toilet and the condition of supply and waste lines may affect the difficulty of setting a replacement unit, which costs an average of $102.


Flooring Materials and Toilet Installation

The flooring material in your bathroom may influence the steps taken to install a new toilet, especially if your plumber must make any changes to waste lines or install a new toilet flange. Often, adjustments are needed after installing new flooring that raises or lowers the height of the floor, or if your plumber determines the existing flange is damaged. Fitting a toilet on a tile floor costs about $134, compared to $121 on linoleum, $128 on laminate, $147 on carpet, and $136 on stone. Related work to repair or replace damaged flooring will add to the overall cost of your project and may be necessary to ensure proper installation of your new toilet.


Supplying Materials for Your Project

Home centers and plumbing suppliers provide a wide selection of toilets, enabling you to shop for a model that suits your needs and the décor of your bathroom. Providing your own materials for the job spares your contractor the burden of ordering and delivering supplies, and brings the average installation rate to $94. If you prefer to have your plumber supply your toilet and related materials at the time of installation, the job may cost $269. Plumbers often supply toilet brands and models that they have experience with, so while contractor-supplied options may be more limited, they may be more confidently recommended by your plumber.


Preparing for a Toilet Installation

Whether part of a renovation project or the solution to a maintenance headache, installing a new toilet can be an important upgrade for your home. Consider the type and location of your toilet, as well as the condition of the plumbing at the installation site, when planning and budgeting for the job.

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