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How Much Does a Toilet Valve Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Toilet Valve Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Toilet Valve Installation Cost?

Valves that control the flow of water into a toilet are essential for proper operation and efficiency. The water supply or shutoff valve, located on the cold water line outside your toilet, and the fill valve, found inside the toilet tank, are both simple to install. The nature of the installation and condition of your pipes or toilet may contribute to the cost of the job.

Average Prices

Installations at Homes and Businesses

Installing valves for most residential toilets is generally uncomplicated and costs an average of $107 in detached homes and $107 in apartments. Many styles of commercial toilets and related plumbing connections are more complex than in homes however, and may carry higher service and repair costs. The type and location of valves will influence the price of installation in businesses, which averages $107.


New and Replacement Valves

New shutoff valves are typically installed during construction, prior to the placement of a toilet. Since the site is generally accessible, the job can be completed simply for about $107. Replacing a shutoff valve is a bit more time consuming, since maneuvering around the toilet or other fixtures can make the job more difficult, but replacing a fill valve inside the toilet tank is relatively simple. Replacing a toilet valve costs about $107, though the type and location of the valve will affect your costs.


Issues with Existing Valve

Replacing toilet valves may be necessary to correct problems and poor operation, or may be recommended when replacing a toilet. The nature of the project may influence the cost of installation, since making related repairs or upgrades could increase expenses. Installing a new valve with a replacement toilet is similar to installing a new unit during construction and typically costs about $107. Replacing a valve that has been damaged by freezing could cost $107 while installing a new valve to repair a leak costs about $107 in most homes.


Your Toilet Valve Installation

Whether a new installation or a replacement, fitting a toilet valve is usually a straightforward project that your installer can complete in less than an hour. When planning for the project, consider how the time and effort needed to remove an existing toilet or valve may influence the cost of the job, and if making repairs to areas damaged by a leak might affect overall expenses.

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