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How Much Does a Trash Compactor Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does a Trash Compactor Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Trash Compactor Installation Cost?

Trash compactors provide convenient reduction of household garbage to simplify cleaning and waste handling. Trash compactor models s can be integrated with cabinetry and other appliances or stand alone, and require electrical connections. The type of installation and preparation required will influence the cost of the project.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Installations

Installing a trash compactor in a new location can involve altering cabinetry or wiring to accommodate the appliance, and costs an average of $178, depending on the extent of preparation. Replacing an existing compactor in a suitable location, or installing a new one during construction in a prepared site is generally straightforward and costs about $113.


Integrating a Trash Compactor with Cabinetry

Built-in trash compactors are designed to fit under a countertop amongst base cabinets, much like a dishwasher. Installing the appliance with your existing cabinets may call for the removal of an entire base cabinet and the installation of a smaller cabinet or filler strips to fit around the compactor and provide a finished look. The extent of alterations will affect the cost of the project, which ranges from $72 to $177. The availability of matching cabinet pieces may factor into the complexity of the job, as well as any repairs needed for counters or adjacent cabinets.


Wiring for Your Trash Compactor

Trash compactors require an electrical connection to operate, and can generally be plugged into a standard wall outlet in your kitchen or utility area. In kitchens that were not designed with a trash compactor in mind, it may be difficult to connect a built-in compactor with existing outlets, since they are not usually located behind or inside base cabinets near the installation site. Upgrading your home’s wiring to serve a trash compactor may cost from $72 to $177. As with any wiring project, the accessibility of your home’s wiring, the distance to the electrical panel, and the need for a dedicated circuit will influence the cost of the job.


Purchasing Your Own Trash Compactor

Trash compactors are available from a number of appliance manufacturers with features that offer options in capacity, compaction, jam prevention, and odor control. If you select and purchase a compactor yourself, the installation should cost between $72 and $177. While your contractor may not have the burden of ordering or delivering your appliance, he may need to provide parts that are required for the installation.


Installing a Compactor Supplied by Your Contractor

Like many appliances, your installer may recommend a specific brand or model of trash compactor for your project. Installation rates range from $72 to $177, since contractors are usually experienced installing the equipment they supply and can complete the project efficiently.


Planning for Your Trash Compactor Installation

A trash compactor can be a useful upgrade to any kitchen or utility area. As you are planning for your installation, consider which models are appropriate for your needs and whether substantial modifications will be necessary to wire for the appliance or fit it within your existing cabinetry. Installing a model that meets the needs of your family is a convenient way to simplify some household chores.

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