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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?
How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Whether removing trees from your yard is part of a landscaping update or an important maintenance project, the job requires specialized tools, skills, and safety precautions and should be performed by an experienced professional. A number of factors affect the time, equipment, manpower, and know-how needed for the job. Most tree removal projects cost between $200 and $800 per tree, but a very complex project could cost several thousand dollars. Extra services, such as stump and debris removal, can add another $200 to $500 to the job.


The price guide below provides average tree removal costs.

Average Prices

Number of Trees to Remove

Your contractor will evaluate the removal of each tree on your job individually, but the overall number of trees to address will influence the cost of the project. In most cases, removing a single tree costs between $150 and $400. But, when a pro can remove several trees in a single visit the cost per tree may be less, since some basic costs (like insurance and transportation) are fixed and do not go up with the increased work . Depending on the time needed for each tree, it may be cost-effective to have several removed at once, rather than one at a time.


Tree Height

The height of a tree can be an important factor in the complexity of its removal. The size and condition of the tree relative to any buildings or other obstacles will determine if it can be felled intact or if it must be limbed, topped, or sectioned in order to remove it without damaging its surroundings. Removing a tree between five and 10 feet tall is generally uncomplicated and may cost less than $200, while handling one 50 feet tall could cost four or five times as much, depending on the difficulty of the job. Even in the best of circumstances, the complexity of removing trees increases with their height.


Proximity to Electrical Lines

Removing a tree near power lines can take special care and equipment, and may require traffic control or support from local utility companies. The preparation and precision required for removing trees near electrical lines can increase the demands of the job, which can cost several times more than removing a tree in an open, easily accessible area.


Lot Conditions

The condition and slope of the ground at your property can influence the complexity of felling and removing trees, since sloped and rough sites may not be accessible for equipment that can simplify the process. Since more manual work and a larger crew may be required to remove trees from a hilly or uneven site, the job can take more time and carry higher risk than working on a smooth and level spot.


Tree Species

Several characteristics of both trees and their location affect how easily they can be removed, but the species of your trees can provide some indication of how difficult the job may be. Conifers, typically knows as softwoods, are often prone to insect damage that can weaken trunks from the inside and complicate felling. Your tree specialist or woodcutter may take relevant precautions when removing tree varieties such as pine, spruce, fir, cypress, or cedar. Removing deciduous or hardwood trees may require special attention to weakened limbs or shallow root systems, factors your pro will consider when working with trees such as maple, birch, willow, dogwood, magnolia, aspen, redwood, oak, and fruit trees.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$225 - $450 $800 - $1,500 $1,100 - $4,000

The size, condition, and location of a tree are important factors in the cost of removal. Our examples show how these details can affect the price of the job.

Just the Basics: $225 - $450

  • • Scale: Cutting down a single tree that is under 50 feet tall in an accessible location is a pretty straightforward job here.
  • • Complexity: This tree is in good shape, so the job doesn’t pose any extra risk or call for a large crew.
  • • Services: Limiting the scope of the job to cutting and limbing the tree helps keep costs down. Having a pro remove logs and brush or grind a tree stump can add $300 or more to the bottom line, so if you can handle this part of the job, you can save quite a bit.

Making Some Room: $800 - $1,500

  • • Scale: Removing five trees at once can make a huge change in a yard. The extra work changes the scale of the job too, and a bigger crew may be needed to get the work done quickly.
  • • Complexity: The trees on this job need to come down in pieces in order to protect nearby buildings. It takes more time, skill, and machinery to complete a job like this than when trees can be cut down whole.
  • • Services: Five trees can leave a big mess, so it’s worth it to have a pro leave the yard like nothing ever happened. This part of the job often takes longer than the cutting, so adds at least $300 to the total.

A Surgical Approach: $1,100 - $4,000

  • • Scale: This job only involves one tree, but it’s a big one. A skilled crew is needed to safely handle this project.
  • • Complexity: This tree is big, old, and weakened by disease. Close proximity to a house and limbs overhanging the street raise the difficulty of this job by a few notches.
  • • Services: Tree removal, stump grinding, and cleanup make this a full-service job. It could take a few days to get everything done, depending on the size of the crew.

Planning for Tree Removal Services

The scope of a tree removal project can range from a simple felling of small trees to a complex operation that involves heavy equipment, roping, and municipal support. Be sure to work with a qualified tree service pro or arborist who can evaluate the species, condition, size, and location of your trees to plan for a safe and efficient removal project.

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