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How Much Does Unclogging a Drain Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does Unclogging a Drain Cost?
How Much Does Unclogging a Drain Cost?

Drain clogs can cause drainage problems and flooding that can lead to water damage and unpleasant or unsanitary conditions in your home. The difficulty and expense of removing a clog may depend on its location, since the time and equipment needed for the job may vary. Regardless of the circumstances, prompt attention can prevent costly damage to your home.

Average Prices

Service Locations

Clogged drains can cause problems in both homes and businesses, though the characteristics of a building may affect the difficulty of repair. In most homes, where drains lines and connections are usually accessible, service rates average $150 to remove a clog. Unclogging drains in apartments is generally similar to working on those in a house, but the heavy usage of plumbing in common areas and longer runs of drain pipes in large buildings may increase the cost of the job. The location and function of a drain affect the cost of clearing clogs in apartments, though rates average $250 overall. Likewise, the features of a commercial property will influence the cost to unclog a drain, especially if emergency or after-hours service is required to minimize disruptions to business, patrons, and employees. Depending on the circumstances, it may cost $400 to remove a drain clog at a business facility.


Drain Location

Clogs can occur in any drain, whether from misuse, buildup, or damage. The use and location of a drain directly affects the cost of clearing clogs, since the ease with which your plumber can work on the site is an important factor in the difficulty of the job. Though they may be in tight quarters, sink drains are typically simple to access and cost an average of $125 to unclog in kitchens, baths, and laundry areas. Servicing drains in other fixtures or in floors can be complicated if your plumber needs to access pipes and fittings that are concealed by walls, floors, or ceilings. It may cost $250 to unclog a shower, tub, or floor drain. If your plumber must cut through finished surfaces to access your home’s plumbing, related repairs may call for the services of a carpenter or other contractor and will increase the overall expense of the job. If such repairs are needed, consider having your contractor build a removable panel, if possible, to create simple access for any future repairs.


Drainage Issues

While the specific location of a drain clog helps your plumber determine the time and tools needed for repairs, its symptoms or effects can also help him assess the nature of the clog or related problems. Resolving slow drains, stopped drains, sewer odors, and drain backups can require different approaches. Tools and materials used to clear drain clogs range from natural cleaners and chemical compounds to plungers, snakes, and augers. If the clog in your drain is not accessible from the drain opening, your plumber may need to disassemble lines and fittings in order to remove an obstruction. Related repairs, cleaning, and upgrades will add to the overall cost of the job, but may be necessary to prevent additional problems.


Drain Unclogging Service

While some drain clogs are merely inconvenient and can be easily resolved, others may create health hazards and can be difficult to remove. Consider the type of drain problems you are experiencing as well as the likely location of a blockage to anticipate the cost of unclogging a drain. Locate a plumber to unclog your drain through Pro Referral who will then evaluate the cause of the clog and recommend preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of problems in the future.

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