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How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost?
How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost?

Wallpaper can provide an elegant finish to the walls of your home, but removing it for an update can be a time consuming, messy, and tedious task. A professional can complete the job quickly and neatly, and has the tools and experience to strip wallpaper without causing unnecessary damage to your walls. The amount, type, and accessibility of your wallpaper will contribute to the cost of the project, along with any work needed to prepare walls for a new finish.

Average Prices


Wallpaper is a popular option for any room, though the challenges of removing it from some areas of your home may be more significant than with others. Stripping walls in large, open areas on a single level is generally uncomplicated and does not require special equipment, while rooms with high ceilings or multiple corners and obstacles may increase the difficulty of the task. Prices for removing wallpaper average $314 for a bedroom, $309 for a dining room, $344 for a living room, $402 for a family room, and $308 for an office compared to $305 for a kitchen, $297 for a bathroom, $274 for a hallway, $362 for a staircase, and $417 for a garage.


Amount of Wallpaper to Remove

While a number of factors influence the demands of your project, the overall square footage of the wallpaper removed is an important consideration in planning for the job. It generally costs $127 to strip up to 50 square feet of paper, $166 for 50-100 sq. ft., $306 for 100-200 sq. ft., and $581 for more than 200 square feet. Bear in mind that when the square footage of wallpaper is reduced by cabinetry, fixtures and other features, working around the obstacles may complicate the job and increase removal costs.


Prepping for a New Finish

The age, type, and application method used for various wallpapers affects how easily they can be removed without damaging the underlying surface. Since the condition of your walls after wallpaper removal may not be suitable for applying new paper or paint, the added work needed to prepare for refinishing may increase the cost of your project. On average, it costs $329 to simply remove wallpaper, while it may cost $384 to also clean and repair the walls for new paper. It typically costs about $442 to ready walls for a smooth paint finish, depending on the severity of damage and whether extensive sanding and resurfacing are needed.


Wallpaper Removal Services

Your contractor can evaluate the condition of your walls and wallpaper to plan the most effective techniques, tools, supplies, and equipment for your wallpaper removal project. Consider how the accessibility of the site and the condition of your home may contribute to set-up requirements, since the use of staging and lifts or extensive preparation needed to protect floors, furnishings, and belongings during wallpaper removal may increase the cost of the job. Your contractor can also help you anticipate the time and work needed to prepare your walls for a beautiful new finish.

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