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How Much Does a Washing Machine Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > How Much Does a Washing Machine Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Washing Machine Installation Cost?

While installing a washing machine may not require specialized skills, the job can be difficult and time consuming. Hiring a professional to install your washer can spare you a strenuous task and ensure the machine is set up properly for its best performance. Your appliance retailer, contractor, or mover may provide or recommend an installer for your machine, but since installation services are often distinct from delivery services, be sure to find out what your agreement includes.

Average Prices

Home and Business Installations

Installation procedures are generally consistent for washing machines in both residential and commercial buildings, though the features of the site and the appliance may affect the cost of the service. Washing machines are installed for about $125 in detached homes, where basement or ground level laundry rooms are common, and about $160 in apartments where access may be limited or difficult. Installation costs at businesses are often influenced by the size and type of washer as well as the characteristics of the facility. Large commercial or industrial machines may cost more to install than standard models, though rates average $170 overall.


Washer Location

Moving your washer to its location may affect the cost of installation, since maneuvering the heavy machine through your home may require more manpower than placing it in an easily accessible site. A single technician may be able to move and install a washing machine to a garage hookup, which costs an average of $124. Setting the appliance up inside your home may cost $150, since the added difficulty of moving it over stairs or through doorways and reaching water and drain lines may require more time and labor.


New and Replacement Installations

Installing a replacement washing machine in a prepared location is generally simple and costs an average of $125, though any repairs or upgrades needed to accommodate a new washer may increase overall expenses. The cost of installing a machine in a new location depends largely on whether plumbing and electrical connections are in place prior to installation, but averages $145. The accessibility of your home’s water supply, drain lines, and wiring will affect the cost of preparation, which should be completed by a qualified plumber and electrician.


Hoses and Materials

Appliance manufacturers and retailers recommend fitting new supply and drain hoses with each washer installation to prevent leaks and other problems cause by worn or damage lines. If hoses were included with your appliance or you have purchased them separately, your installation should cost about $115, while the job may cost $135 if your installer provides the needed hoses.


Your Washing Machine Installation

The expense of a washing machine installation is often influenced by the condition and location of the installation site. As you plan for your project, consider how delivery and placement of a new machine, removal of an old appliance, or preparing plumbing and electrical connections may affect the cost of the job.

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