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How Much Does Water Removal Cost?

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How Much Does Water Removal Cost?

Standing water left from flooding or plumbing problems can pose a number of risks to your home and family. Prompt removal of standing water can prevent extensive damage to the structure and contents of your home, and reduce the risk of mold and contaminants. A water removal or abatement contractor can extract water and aid the drying process, but may also offer additional services to help restore your home after flooding. Discuss the scope of your water removal project with your contractor to help determine the requirements and expense of the job.

Average Prices

Removing Water from Homes and Businesses

Removing standing water from a business is as essential as it is in homes. Though equipment and techniques are consistent, the characteristics of commercial properties may affect the complexity of the job. While it generally costs about $418 to extract water from a home and $307 for an apartment, the service may cost $629 at a business location. Depending on the size, nature, and operations of a commercial facility, your contractor may need to more equipment or staff to handle the job without compromising your business activities.


Location of Problem Water

The location of water your contractor must extract influence the difficulty and expense of the job, since the accessibility of the site will help determine what type of effort and equipment is needed for the job. Removing water in any area involves vacuuming or pumping water from the site to an exterior drain or tank, so the distance between the two and the ease with which equipment can be maneuvered to the flood site will contribute to project costs. Extracting water from a flooded basement or crawlspace under a building costs an average of $844, compared to $427 for working inside the structure and $336 for removing accumulated water outdoors.


Size of Flooded Area

The volume of water to remove from your site is important in planning for the job. The location and depth of water are significant factors in selecting extraction equipment and methods, since vacuums may be used for saturated carpets and low levels of standing water, whereas pumps and hoses may be used for a more substantial amount of water. Generally though, removing water from an area of less than 100 sq. ft. costs about $228, vs. $246 for a 100-200 sq. ft. space and $307 for a 200-300 sq. ft. area. Servicing larger areas of 300-400 sq. ft. may cost $386, $451 for 400-500 sq. ft. and $693 for a space over 500 sq. ft.


Source of Accumulated Water

Techniques, timing, and equipment used to remove water may vary with the source of the problem. Storm water may accumulate in living levels and basements and cause problems with drains and sewerage, while leaks originating from a broken pipe can cause water problems in any area of your home and cause damage to finishes and belongings. Depending on the nature and extent of accumulation, it costs an average of $412 to remove storm water and $503 for cleaning up domestic water leaks.


Planning for Water Removal Services

The nature of water problems and the characteristics of your home or business may contribute to the complexity and cost of water removal. Discuss with your contractor the most effective solution for your extraction, and consider how related repairs and preventative measures can help protect your home from future water problems and damage. Added work to remove mold, repair water damage, correct plumbing problems, or improve drainage around your home will add to the overall expense of your restoration, but provide essential safeguards for your home and family.

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